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Weekly Lists #154: Series BookTube Made Me Read!

I feel like it’s been a while since I did one of those “Youtube Made me Do It” posts, but here you have it. The series booktube made me read!

1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians

This is immediately the most recent addition to this list. As in: I’m still reading it. You see, G-Swizzel Books talks about this series on the regular. And while I had read it once upon a time (at this point, probably 10 years ago? Yikes) Either way, because of her I finally got kind back into this series, and, you know… Its additions… Rick Riordan’s been busy since I last read his work :p

(From about 2:57)

2. Charlotte Holmes-Series

Okay, so technically I also added the first book of this series to my (first ever!) new releases post. And technically I haven’t read the series yet. But I mean, just see how much Rocky from Blonde With a Book loves this book and, you know… Doesn’t it just make you want to read it yourself?

(From about 11:35)

3. The Selection

Fun fact: Tilly and her Books was like my gateway-person into YouTube. And that was basically because I had been following her on Tumblr (#booklr) for ages and, you know… I just kind of made the transition with her? Either way – I actually got this series from a video of her called “books I hate”. Yeah, I know. Not necessarily the most logical reaction to then go: oh, yes, let me read that. None the less? That’s pretty much exactly what I did 🙂

(From about 1:40)

4. The Maze Runner

Honestly? I don’t remember which youtuber I heard about this series from. However, I do know I heard about it on Youtube, because I remember sitting there and just going: oh. I want that. And then, as soon, as I finished just going “nope”. If I’m not mistaken, that was also the point where I unsubscribed to that YouTuber (I really disliked this series, you guys). Which, you know… Might be part of the reason I don’t remember which booktuber it was exactly?

5. The Raven Boys

Okay, so this is another one where I haven’t technically read it yet. And also, I don’t technically remember who told me to read it. But that’s just because it was multiple people on multiple occasions. Which, you know… Made me that much more convinced I should maybe just read it? Despite “being told” to read it by multiple booktubers, I don’t actually know too much about the plot of this book. And honestly? I’m kind of thinking I might want to keep it that way. Keep the optimal effect, right?

Are there any series that booktube made you read? Any you were kind of disappointed by? Any you would recommend me to read? Be sure to let me know below!