About Books #59: What’s Love Got To Do With It

One of the main reasons I really liked Gilmore Girls, was the banter. The way Lorelai and Luke especially could constantly one-up each other? Goals. There’s a reason Lauren Graham’s book was called “Talking As Fast As I Can”. Why am I mentioning this at the beginning of a bookreview, you ask? Because What’s Love Got To Do With It gave me something I didn’t even know I needed. It gave me the best banter since Gilmore Girls.

I was offerend an ARC by Netgalley in exchange for a review. All opinions are strictly my own.

The story

Kayla David is a high-flying journalist in New York City, spending all her time drinking martinis and writing about fashion trends. She is perfectly happy with her life, and she certainly has no time for falling in love.

That is, until, her boss decides to send her on a secret mission back to her hometown of Arkansas: she is tasked with exposing the truth about the fracking industry and to use her reputation as a lifestyle columnist as a disguise. She is horrified at the thought of returning to this boring country town, but up for the challenge.

Yet, she didn’t plan on having to deal with Grayson Moir, the sexy but aloof mayor of Heber Spring. As Kayla settles into life there she soon realises that it might be a bit more difficult than she thought to keep her real mission a secret. And what’s more, she finds it increasingly difficult to keep her heart under control too…

The opinion

Back in January I got to read another book by Anna Premoli, Accidentally in Love, and I remember really liking the narration in that book. Apparently, that’s just an Anna Premoli-thing, because again: the tone and narration of this book was on point. I was laughing out loud on multiple occasions and, at one point? I screamed. Because it was just that good.

I like that the relationship between Kayla and Grayson was so equal, that they each had their stuff to work through, and of course… That banter. Honestly, I would recommend this book just for the banter. Of course, there’s also a political element (which was, come to think of it, also the case in that other Anna Premoli-book I read). There was journalism (which I’m always here for). There were true friendships, old and new, that were all about supporting each other, never taking each other down, giving a push when a friend needed it…

And, best of all… There was, quite possibly, one of the most fun, most *sexy* (if I can say that, but yeah, boy was there a lot of attraction and sparks flying around!) romances I have read in a while. I’m officially adding Anna Premoli to my list of favourite chicklit authors. There.

The rating: 4.5/5

Look, I’m keeping my *5 stars* for books that changed me, and that’s basically the only thing that kept me back from giving this book 5 stars. This was such an incredibly fun read that I honestly cannot recommend it enough. If you’re in the market for something funny, fluffy and so well-written? Look no further, this is your book. (Goodreads)