About Books #127: The Hate Project

I don’t know why I always do this – I know I’ll love a book, but I just can’t get myself to start reading it. And then I start postponing, which means I end up in a vicious circle and now I can’t start reading it and if any of this sounds familiar? Congrats, you’re both like me, and the main character of The Hate Project!

I was offered an ARC by Book Sirens in exchange for a review. All opinions are strictly my own.

The story

This arrangement is either exactly what they need–or a total disaster

Oscar is a grouch. That’s a well-established fact among his tight-knit friend group, and they love him anyway.

Jack is an ass. Jack, who’s always ready with a sly insult, who can’t have a conversation without arguing, and who Oscar may or may not have hooked up with on a strict no-commitment, one-time-only basis. Even if it was extremely hot.

Together, they’re a bickering, combative mess.

When Oscar is fired (answering phones is not for the anxiety-ridden), he somehow ends up working for Jack. Maybe while cleaning out Jack’s grandmother’s house they can stop fighting long enough to turn a one-night stand into a frenemies-with-benefits situation.

The house is an archaeological dig of love and dysfunction, and while Oscar thought he was prepared, he wasn’t. It’s impossible to delve so deeply into someone’s past without coming to understand them at least a little, but Oscar has boundaries for a reason—even if sometimes Jack makes him want to break them all down.

After all, hating Jack is less of a risk than loving him…

The opinion

Honestly, I did this to myself. If I didn’t want to feel ridiculously seen by a book, then maybe I shouldn’t read any of the books in The Love Study-series, because apparently, that’s just what they’ll do to me.

C – characters
A – atmosphere
W – writing
P – plot
I – intrigue
L – logic
E – enjoyment

Here’s the thing: Kris Ripper can write. That doesn’t necessarily mean all of zir work is for me, because, you know… Genres. But it does mean that, when I picked up The Hate Project, I was fully prepared to be impressed. And usually? Well, that would just mean I was setting myself up for disappointment.

That didn’t happen, though. As I said, maybe it’s because Oscar’s anxiety rings just slightly too true to me, maybe it’s because the story was so utterly enjoyable, it might even have been the glimpse into Declan and Sidney’s life post-The Love Study. Whatever it was? It worked for me. This book managed to be so very enjoyable, and yet touch on pretty heavy subjects. There was a combination of flirting, really quite hot smut, and actual personal growth that never felt forced. And of course: there was a happy ending. What else could I possibly need on a grumpy September Monday?

The rating: 4/5

Honestly, I was really considering just giving this one a full 5 stars, but I haven’t read the last part of this series yet, and I want to allow for room for even more growth, if that’s possible? And if you know anything about me, you’ll know that’s the real giveaway: I want – no, need – more. Let the countdown begin! (Goodreads, TheStoryGraph)


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