2021 Magical Readathon TBR

You cannot imagine how happy I am that the Magical Readathon is back – or how much respect I have for G right now, thinking up an entire fictional world. Like, who just does that? Anyways – it’s back, it’s on, I’m excited – and this is my 2021 Magical Readathon TBR!


First things first: the magical readathon itself. As I mentioned, G basically invented an entire magical world for this, and I am both astounded and incredibly impressed. More than anything, though, I am in serious need of whatever’s in the water where she lives, because apparently – it’s the good stuff.

My character

… is called Siobhan, and anyone who knows me, will also know that that is basically the name I use for any D&D-character. I mean, you know, in case you hadn’t gotten that vibe yet, from the video. (Seriously, I can’t be the only one, right?)

Now, we don’t actually have to work out our character too much, and technically we have time to read the books for our identity card until April, but – hey. You know me. Why make life easy on myself, when it’s so much more fun to make it difficult? (also – I found some easy reads. So that helps 🙂 )

As I said: my character’s named Siobhan, and these are her main characteristics:

  • Background: Wildling: read a book largely set in a forest/outside – this is my freebie: I’ll figure it out as I get to it
  • Province: Darkmeadow: read a dark academia: either The Picture of Dorian Grey or Never Let Me Go
  • Heritage: Iltirian: book with a crow ont he cover or title, or a red cover book: this is the easy read: I have a ton of comics with red covers, so it’ll be any one of those

The Novice Path

Also known as, the road we’re set to walk this September. And while, sure, you only really need to read two books, I am (apparently – although, who am I kidding: obviously) a huge overachiever… So, naturally: I’ve prepared at least one book for each prompt.

  • The Novice Path Entrance: read a book with a map: The Crown of Dalemark
  • Ashtorn Tree: a book that keeps tempting you (or top of your TBR): The Hate Project
  • The Mist of Solitude: read a standalone: Love, Almost
  • Ruin of the Skye: read a book featuring ghosts/haunted house, or other supernatural elements: The Midnight Library
  • Obsidian Falls: read a thriller or a mystery book: The Da Vinci Code
  • Tower of Rumination: read a five star prediction: The Heart Principle
  • Orilium Academy Arc: book with a school setting: How Not to Ask a Boy to Prom

Honestly, I know myself, and there’s a big chance I’ll change these as I go. But, you know – it’s good to have at least an idea of where I’m going with this readathon, right? Anyway – are you participating? If so, what’s your 2021 Magical Readathon TBR? Any books you’d recommend for a particular prompt? If so, be sure to let me know below!


Walking Through The Pages - 2021 Magical Readathon TBR - Cover photo