Spring 2019 Bucket List

Spring is here, and you know what that means! It’s time for another bucket list, full of things that I hope to – but probably won’t – accomplish this spring. It’s my spring 2019 bucket list! As per the usual – I work with categories. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if there’s any category in my […]

The bad always sticks

This is not a post with a great lesson, or anything of the sorts. Rather, this is something I’ve noticed, recently. Or at least, I’ve noticed it more than before: the bad always sticks. You see, I’m a teacher. And each time a term comes to an end, some classes are asked to rate their […]

Series in Review #7: Wildflower Park

I honestly don’t know whether I loved this series, or was more annoyed by it. You see, the Wildflower Park-series is basically more of a serialised novel. In other words: if you add up the four books, you get one complete story. If you don’t, well… Then you will end up like me: frustrated because you need […]

5 Bad Habits I’m Getting Rid Of

Just as a quick disclaimer: I 100% took the inspiration for this post from Natalie Bennett (you can find the video here!). She’s on something of a self-care kick this year, and it’s made me realise that, in all honesty – I probably should be as well. What’s more, she titled it probably the best […]

Mini Reviews #9: Delicious Romance

I had a little while, there, where basically I seemed to be reading was romance with food stores involved… Don’t ask me why or how, but suddenly that was happening. And guess what? It was great! Here’s my mini-reviews for The Cake Shop in the Garden and more delicious romance!  The Cake Shop in the […]

#TBT: 90s songs

Everyone has them, right? The songs from your childhood that come on and you can’t help it? You just have to sing – belt – along? Here’s literally just some of my favourite childhood-must-sing-90s-songs! Baby One More Time You wouldn’t believe how much I wanted to go to a school where you had to wear […]