Christmas Quotes

You know what’s one of the best things about Christmas? It lends itself so beautifully to lyrical quotes, genre “Love the Giver More than the Gift”. Don’t you think those quotes are amazing? They can always make me dream away. And whether they’re literary, musical or just: completely random? These are the Christmas quotes that […]

Mini Reviews #6: Hamilton Christmas

One of the things I’ve noticed, recently, is that quite often there’s a token Christmas book in every series. Just the one, though, or just the annual one. It’s not too often that an entire series is actually all about Christmas. This one, though? Oh, the Hamilton Christmas does it good! I was offered these ARCs by Netgalley […]

My Christmas Movies TBS

Here’s one of the main things I love about Netflix: it gives me more options for Christmas movies. That isn’t necessarily a positive thing when it means I end up just watching nothing because I just couldn’t make my mind up… Which is exactly where this list comes up: in my Christmas bucket list, I put […]