New Releases: June 2018

It’s almost summer! Aaaah! I’ll finally have more time to read! (Says the girl who’s read about 80 books already) So in full preparation of what will, hopefully, be an absolute reading fest? Here’s my picks for the new releases June 2018 edition! This post is not sponsored in any way or form. It does, […]

New Releases: May 2018

As per the usual, I got hardly any of the books I wanted to read from last month’s new releases post read. And yet here I am, with even more books I would like to read. Because why not, right? My most looked forward to new releases May 2018! 1. Listen to Your Heart, Kasie […]

New Releases: April 2018

You guys, April is going to be a good month as far as books goes. As in, I think I have more books listed for this new releases April 2018-episode, than I have had for any before. Like,ย any. Even if I’ve only had like 7, 8 (?) posts featuring New Releases? This stuff is good! […]

New Releases: March 2018

Yay! It’s time for a new month! And at least 20 more days of that month will be winter so I get to ignore that I’m about to turn into a sneezing mess! (Hay fever, gotta love it, right?) And of course: the new releases March 2018 is giving us a lot to look forward […]

New Releases: February 2018

So here’s something Iย really really love: the smell of new books. And here’s something I do on a semi-daily basis: dream about all the books I wouldย like to own, but don’t quite yet. So naturally, at some point, I was going to have to combine them, right? And that’s what this is! Some of my […]

Must-Read 2017 Autumn Releases

So I have this TBR that’s like 500 books long. And there’s a ton of books I want to reread. And then there’s the magazines, and essays, and other articles I’m interested in. Not to forget about all the other things I want to read. So naturally, my reaction to all that? Add some more […]