New Releases: April 2018

You guys, April is going to be a good month as far as books goes. As in, I think I have more books listed for this new releases April 2018-episode, than I have had for any before. Like, any. Even if I’ve only had like 7, 8 (?) posts featuring New Releases? This stuff is good! […]

New Releases: March 2018

Yay! It’s time for a new month! And at least 20 more days of that month will be winter so I get to ignore that I’m about to turn into a sneezing mess! (Hay fever, gotta love it, right?) And of course: the new releases March 2018 is giving us a lot to look forward […]

New Releases: February 2018

So here’s something I really really love: the smell of new books. And here’s something I do on a semi-daily basis: dream about all the books I would like to own, but don’t quite yet. So naturally, at some point, I was going to have to combine them, right? And that’s what this is! Some of my […]

Must-Read 2017 Autumn Releases

So I have this TBR that’s like 500 books long. And there’s a ton of books I want to reread. And then there’s the magazines, and essays, and other articles I’m interested in. Not to forget about all the other things I want to read. So naturally, my reaction to all that? Add some more […]