Series in Review: Wildflower Park

I honestly don’t know whether I loved this series, or was more annoyed by it. You see, the Wildflower Park-series is basically more of a serialised novel. In other words: if you add up the four books, you get one complete story. If you don’t, well… Then you will end up like me: frustrated because you need […]

Series in Review #5: Hamilton Christmas

One of the things I’ve noticed, recently, is that quite often there’s a token Christmas book in every series. Just the one, though, or just the annual one. It’s not too often that an entire series is actually all about Christmas. This one, though? Oh, the Hamilton Christmas does it good! I was offered these ARCs by Netgalley […]

Series in Review #2: War of the Witches

So I’m going to do something I’ve tried not to do so far – review a book from memory. Or, to be more exact: review a series from memory. Way before the Divergent– and Hunger Games-trilogies, this series got me hooked. Hooked on YA-series, hooked on the female saviour… Why I loved War of the Witches? Read on to find […]