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Series in Review #7: Hamilton Christmas

One of the things I’ve noticed, recently, is that quite often there’s a token Christmas book in every series. Just the one, though, or just the annual one. It’s not too often that an entire series is actually all about Christmas. This one, though? Oh, the Hamilton Christmas does it good!

I was offered these ARCs by Netgalley in exchange for a review. All opinions are strictly my own.

Unleashed, Donna Kauffman


When Emma Lafferty is hired by a billionaire CEO to watch his pets over the holidays, she expects to enjoy a quiet Christmas in opulent surroundings. What she doesn’t expect is to spend the week trapped in the mansion with Trevor Hamilton, the CEO’s sexy great-nephew—and heir—whose motives are as shady as his desire is crystal clear . . .


There is a certain type of cliché about being stuck in a house together. Especially during a snowstorm. Especially when one of those people isn’t technically supposed to be there.
It’s the kind of set up that can basically promise only one thing: a fluffy romance with a good amount of fluff (Man, does Donna Kauffman deliver!) And of course, a good amount of Trevor trying to be sneaky and even more time of Emma being on to him.
From the moment these two meet each other, sparks are flying. As a matter of fact, at times I was surprised Trevor actually needed matches to get the fire on. After all, they are frozen in with nothing to do but feed a pair of dogs occasionally. Is it clear yet, where this is going?
If you’re looking for a well-developed romance with a lot of psychological depth, this probably isn’t the book for you. However, if you’re in need of a good doses of romance, deep attraction, witty banter and just the right amount of Christmas cosy? Then this is just the book for you!

Rating: 2.5/5 (Goodreads)

Lock, Stock & Jingle Bells, Donna Kauffman


Holly hates the yuletide season more than ever since she received her very early inheritance: her mother’s Christmas novelty store. Now she has to put her life on hold to deal with the shop, while her parents settle into their busy sunny Florida retirement.
But Holly’s childhood pal, Sean, is determined to warm her up—to Christmas and to him. When they uncover a diary concealing secrets involving both their families, this could be the Christmas that changes their lives forever…


I always pity people that have their birthday on a big holiday. Christmas, Saint Nicholas, … The kind of days that are bound to make people go: “Oh, I’ll give you just one big present, that’s just as good as two smaller ones”. Yeah, no. I wonder that all those people don’t just hate those holidays ànd their birthdays.
In Holly’s case? She actually does. I mean, who wouldn’t, she fell asleep with Santa literally “seeing her as she’s sleeping” every day of her life. And she’s born on Christmas Eve. And her mum has a Christmas store. No wonder she’s spent Christmas travelling Europe and painting for the last couple of years. I mean, with her “security job” in marketing, it’s about the most painting she can get done.
Donna Kauffman does an excellent job of portraying not just the evolution of Holly’s feelings towards Christmas. She only manages to beautifully write out some steamier scenes – I found myself blushing at times (yes, really). At the same time, the romance in Lock, Stock & Jingle Bells is not based on just lust. (Although, let’s be real, there’s a lot of that as well.)
There’s something that most of us can dream away at in that idea of old feelings rekindled.
And of course- in finding out that maybe that unattainable high school crush wasn’t quite so unattainable after all! If you’re after a quick (about an hour, for me?) read, featuring all that and covered with some renewed Christmas-believe? Then Lock, Stock & Jingle Bells is definitely the book for you!

Rating: 3.5/5 (Goodreads)

Naughty But Nice, Donna Kauffman


Businessman Griffin’s never believed in luck . . . until sassy-sweet small-town baker Melody turns his world around. Except there’s a catch: There’s no way he’ll be able to build his empire and hold on to her. This new love could destroy all his dreams—or make this Christmas better than he ever imagined possible…


Do you know those movies? The ones where people start out as absolute competitors? Adversaries, even? And then, through whatever plots or twists they end up as lovers, because of course, whatever was separating them was only something small anyways?
That’s this book. Thrown on the fast track.
Approximately 18 hours pass between Griffin and Melody meeting each other, Melody banning Griffin from the only thing possibly saving him – a good cup of coffee – and them not so much falling into each other’s arms, as just sweeping each other off the floor. Don’t ask me how that works, what with gravity and everything… That’s just how it happens.
Throughout the Hamilton Christmas-series, it’s become very clear to me that Donna Kauffman does really well at writing insta-love. Also, that she knows how to write an excellently executed smutty scene. Combine that with the wit and humor her characters are always portraying – this was definitely a good read.
And if you’re in the mood for a good amount of fluff, excellent cake, an Irish accent and some updates on the characters from the previous two books in this series? Then you’re in for an absolute treat!

Rating: 2.75/5 (Goodreads)

Honestly, this was a really fun series to read and I really liked the fact that I got to see all “my characters” back. Do you think you might enjoy this series? Be sure to let me know below! And of course if you’re in the mood for more Christmas, or you want to see the rest of this year’s blogmas-content, be sure to check out the tags!