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Weekly Lists #68: 80s Belgian bands you should know and love

Sometimes, I feel like the world is entirely too Americo-centric. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as such, but it does mean that many people probably don’t know any of these bands. And quite honestly, that’s quite a shame. Because these are 5 80s Belgian bands you should definitely know and love!

1. TC Matic

I have to admit I’d never really made the connection between the name of this band and this song, but you know what? That just means I get to enjoy bands along with you in this post!

2. The Radios

So, sure, this one is technically from the 90s (1991, to be exact), but it’s basically an 80s song, right? I guess I could also have chosen to feature this song first:

After all, this one is from the 80s, but I just happen to love She goes na na na most 🙂 In general, though, each and every one of these band members went on to have a long and fructuous carreer (in Belgium and outside, sometimes!) so I guess you could say it was a pretty good thing 🙂

3. Soulsister

The smaller one of these two is now mainly known as a television-maker, but man has he got a voice made of gold! Also, I probably know this song just a little too well, but that’s just because it’s so amazing!

4. The Scabs

Fun fact: I didn’t even realise this song was made by a Belgian band until I started writing this post! (seriously though, all kuddos to my dad and his impeccable musical knowledge!) That being said, however: this is this bands one song that I know-know and man is it an awesome one! Usually this band can have something of a more “rough” sound, but I just really love the harmonizing on this one 🙂

5. The Machines

I can keep this one really short: if you want more of a “typical 80s sound”, this is probably the one for you.
Also, is it just me, or do those colours that the clip starts out with, immediately remind you of those big sweaters that people in the 80s and 90s used to wear?

Anyways, that’s 5 of the 80s Belgian bands that you really should know and love. Did you already know any of them? Or even know of them? Maybe, like me, you knew one of the songs, but didn’t realise it was created by a Belgian band? Be sure to let me know below!


PS: and here’s an extra – which I only discovered after first writing this post, but that I’ve been obsessed with lately. You know, just in case you were starting to think all good Belgian music is from the past 🙂

Basically: Belgium has an amazing music scene, and you should go discover it!