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A Perfect Saturday

So every once in a while, you have one of those days, you know. You’re fine with not working (pretty rare, in my case). The weather’s miraculously amazing. You may even have the best food ever. For everybody, those days could look a little different but, quite frankly? I might just have had one of them yesterday: a perfect Saturday!


First thing that is absolutely necessary for any “perfect saturday”. The perfect temperature. As you might have figured out from some of my posts being none too enthousiastic about the general concept of “heat”? I’m happiest when the weather’s on the colder side. Yesterday, though? Yesterday hit that absolute sweet spot of it being only like 13°C (55°F) but the sun being out, no wind, so it was absolutely perfect out.

Second thing? No work. Or at least, no obligation to work. I don’t know if it’s just that I’m really bad at dealing with stress, yet constantly giving myself stress. Or maybe it’s the bit where – being a teacher – you’re never really without work. Either way, I spent a majority of this past week crying. Or on the verge of tears. Both of those are gross exaggerations. But yeah, it wasn’t a good one. And I did at one point start crying because I really wanted donuts from this one particular place but they didn’t accept my card for delivery. So that was fun.

Basically, I put myself on sick leave for this weekend. No work to be done, but if I did get something done? Great. So basically: my Saturday morning? Consisted of just reading blogs and playing stupid Facebook games. It was amazing.

Normandic pancakes. This is the stuff of dreams. This is also the only desert I ever take here, so they don’t even give me a desert card anymore! That’s how well they know me!


So my basic activity for all of Saturday was just: doing nothing. But I also got to go with the bf and get him a suit and a nice blazer. And let me tell you – the bf looks good as is. In a suit that fits him to the T, though? He was, basically, delectable. No exaggeration.  Plus, you know, spending some time with him where we’re both not working? Both rare and in my definite top 3 of things I like to do!

Another bf-related thing: my parents treated us to a nice dinner. Partially for our 3.5 years together, partially for Valentines, partially for “yay, you survived your job so far”, and then partially just because. So again: I got to spend more quality-time with the bf, some amazing food, in one of my favourite restaurants in the entire world. Ever.

Seabass, leek, mixed vegetables and risotto with curry. It was scrumptious

Oh, and of course- I got to cook and grocery shop at ease. There’s something about taking your time to just go grocery shopping and really taking your time for it that’s just really nice. Same goes for cooking – especially when you get to make salmon croques and salads for the entire family.

By the way, food is incredibly important to me. Like, I love cooking and eating, and preparing food for others. So getting to enjoy some of the best food I’ve had in ages? Perfect ending to a perfect Saturday. Especially when afterwards, we got to go for a brief walk in the nice and crisp evening air. When we got to go home and get an early night. When I got to see the parents and my sister.

It was one of the most relaxing, destressing days I’ve had in ages. And if anything? It’s reminded me that I should probably take a day off a little more often. You know, before I’m forced to because the week broke me.

How do you deal with stress? And what would your perfect Saturday look like? Be sure to let me know below!