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2020 Holiday Bucket List

I’m going to mention this again, I’m sure, but here’s the thing: every single year, I look forward to December. I plan, I hope, and I make a giant holiday bucket list. And, guess what? Every year I fail miserably at actually completing said bucket list.

I think I got like 80% done a couple of years ago, and that’s the record to this day. But, you know… Something about insanity, doing the same thing and expecting different results?

And let’s be real – the current situation doesn’t really help either – Christmas markets? Not allowed. Seeing a lot of family? Also not allowed? Going to the cinema, meeting up with friends, celebrating with people outside of our tiny bubble? All of them: not allowed.

So – adaptations had to be made. Expectations had to be lowered, and in all likelihood: peace had to be made with the situation. But who knows – maybe, with all of that lowering, and adapting, and… I might actually end up going through my 2020 Christmas bucket list? Stranger things have been known to happen, this year…

Either way: here’s what’s on my holiday bucket list:

Walking Through The Pages - Holiday Bucket List - blogmas 2020

What’s on your Holiday bucket list this year? Have you had to make any changes because of the current situation? Be sure to let me know below!