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Christmas Movie To Be Seen

Sure, there’s great Christmas classic movies all around. And there’s the “classic modern” Christmas movie that you have to see each season – The Holiday, Love Actually…. I’m looking at you! But then, there’s these ones – the movies that will make you get all the holiday feels! Here’s my Christmas movie to be seen!

Last Holiday

This is one of those movies that has that perfect mixture of “you know what’s going to happen” and “but it’s so sad” and “I’m so happy for them”. And of course, it has Queen Latifah being absolutely fabulous – and you know I’m not mad about that!

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Yes, I went there, and I’m stating it officially now. While I dearly love Home Alone – the sequel is where it’s at. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s also where the movie series stopped. Anything after that? Didn’t happen.

The Polar Express

Fun fact: the first time I ever watched this movie? It was the middle of Easter break. How did I end up watching a holiday movie at that point? I’m still not entirely sure, I think it had something to do with my babysitting kids and their parents owning every movie in the world? Either way: I watched it, I fell in love, and I forced my sisters to watch it with me. And now I just plain old love it 🙂

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Eloise at the Plaza AND Eloise at Christmas Time

Sure, only one half of those are actually Christmas movies – but who cares? Especially considering you can just watch them back-to-back so you get a double portion of Julie Andrews and The Plaza!


You know how sometimes you see a movie at a certain time of year and then – for all eternity – it’s just linked intrinsically to that time of year because of that first time you watched it? Yeah, that’s this movie. Also, it starts at Christmas – so that makes it count, right?

The Christmas Chronicles

This one was definitely the revelation of last year’s Christmas movies and I’m kinda hoping to be able to get it back into this year’s Christmas movie to be seen-list. And because of the amount of car chases and such? The bf really enjoyed it as well!

What Christmas movies are on your TBS this year? Be sure to let me know below, so I won’t ever run out of watchables to enjoy around the holidays! And of course, feel free to check out the rest of my blogmas posts!


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