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My Christmas Wishlist

Fun fact: my Christmas wishlist is usually the postI have the most trouble writing. Out of all of my blogmas posts, this is the one that has me go “damn, right”. I don’t quite know what that says about me, but there you have it none the less. Nonetheless, here’s my Christmas wishlist!

The useful


There’s a reason I made a gift guide for the at home chef this year, and it’s not that I want people to give this to the bf. Specifically the Le Creuset giant Dutch oven and the set of tiny Cocottes? Please make them come in my general direction!

In that same post, I also mentioned that I really liked my Russell Hobbet water kettle. Well, as it so happens, I’ve also had my eye on this brand’s juicers for a while. When we still lived in Brussels, every Friday I would get a juice which included apple, carrot, red beet, lime, ginger and sometimes celery and it was like the best thing ever. If I could just make that again? Why, I can just feel my vitamin levels rising!

The house-related

As I said – when we still lived in Brussels… But we’ve moved since, and one of the joys of owning a house has been discovering how little stuff I actually own. Well, except for books that is. I have plenty (but never enough) of those!

Either way, you know how you have those things that you really want, but you’re just not going to buy them for yourself? Well, one of those major things is a humidifier that allows you to put essential oils in there. I’m constantly either getting a cold or getting over a cold, and I’ve heard that those might be useful. Also, just getting a bit of humidity in the air is quite a useful thing, apparently?

Additions to this list: automatic switches, automatic lights, a second (and third?) Sonos, a garden shed (after losing ours quite drastically to a bit of a storm earlier this month), … Basically, I’m here on the smart home improvement squad and it’s showing 🙂

The books

Would any Christmas wishlist of mine be complete without some books? I think not. Although – I have to admit, there’s distinctly less books I really want to own than there’ve been in the past couple of years… These can always roughly be divided into two categories: the ones I want to read, and the ones I want to complete my collection. In this case:

To read

  • The Family Gift, Cathy Kelly
  • It Started With A Secret, Jill Mansell
  • Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda
  • Doing It, Hannah Witton
  • When You Kant Figure it Out, Ask a Philosopher; Marie Robert

To complete

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events, Lemony Snicket (complete series)
  • The Kane Chronicles, Rick Riordan (complete series)
  • The Nutcracker (illustrated edition)

The gift cards

Look, I’m here for gift cards, okay? Whether it be for a store where I can choose a book, or something useful, or a gift card for an activity… Especially a date gift card? Yes please!

I mean, both me and the bf are quite conscious of how and where we spend our money, which means that going out isn’t usually too much of a priority. From time to time, though, it’s good to have your date night not be at home or with friends – and a gift card can be just the thing we need, then!

What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year? Be sure to let me know below! And of course – go ahead and check out the rest of my blogmas posts, or my gift guides, if you need inspiration on what you want to ask for or gift!


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