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The Third Sunday of Christmas

On the third Sunday of Christmas, my true love gave to me… An order to sleep in because I’ve been overdoing it and really needed it?

Work it

Honestly, if there’s been one thing that’s been consistent throughout this December month, it’s been that I have a ton of work to do. Which would be fine, normally, because usually you have the start of Christmas break to really get in the “holiday mood”. Not so much this year, though, as the Christmas break doesn’t start until noon on Christmas Eve.

That’s right – I have a sparkly 6 hours (give or take) of final presentations to look forward to on my last day of work before the holiday really starts. Fun times. Really. And let’s not even mention the piles upon piles upon piles of work I have awaiting me, as soon as I stop teaching. Ugh, this is making me sad.

Preparations: done

Luckily, everything that’s preparations that could be done before Christmas, is actually done now. Sure, I’ll have to check in with some people who randomly haven’t responded to our wedding invitations yet, and there’s always something more I could be doing… But I’m not really planning on any of that, you know. And, honestly? Right now, I’m more so in a mood of “je m’en foutisme” than anything else, so, you know…

Christmas: I’m ready for you!

Whether it’s the fact that I finally got to wear my ugly Christmas sweater yesterday, the fact that we finished up getting the last of our presents on Wednesday, or just the fact that I’ve been slowly easing my way into more Christmas music, lately… I’m finally starting to feel the season. Nowhere near the levels of Christmas-excitement I’ve been in the good old days, but hey – compared to the start of December? I’ll take what I can get :p

Anyways, how has your third week of December been? Are you completely ready for the holidays? Be sure to let me know below!