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Gifts for Disney-fans

I once read somewhere: “the moment you realize you’ll never fully grow up, that’s the moment you’ve really become an adult.” If that’s true, than I’ve been a fully blown adult since I was approximately 9. Because that was probably the age at which I realized that I would never be able to give up the stories from my childhood that I loved so much – including, but not limited to: Disney. So of course, I was always going to include some gifts for Disney-fans!

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1. Books

1. The Disney Book: This is basically just a sneak peak into the background of all things Disney, and personally: I love that 🙂

2. Disney Christmas Colouring Book: Of course I needed to have yet another colouring book – basically, someone needs to give me one of these. stante pede. Capiche? :p

3. Disney Bedtime Favorites: Things I wish were still acceptable as an “adult”: having a bedtime story read to you. I honestly believe I would sleep much better if this was an option. Until it is, however, I guess I’ll just have to read them myself 🙂

4. Art of Coloring: Disney Villains: What’s this? Two colouring books? In one list? Yes! Because this one is all about the villains – and those have some of the coolest outfits. For colouring, of course 🙂

5. Disney Villains Fairest of All Novel: More on the villains: this is actually an entire series which tells the stories of the different villains in the Disney fairy-tales. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty darn amazing to me!

6. Disney Twisted Tales: A Whole New World Novel: Another book series, this one goes into a bit of counterfactual history: what if certain elements in the Disney fairytales didn’t come to pass? For example: what if Aladin never met the Genie?

2. Games

1. Disney Classic Monopoly: More Monopoly was always going to be a preriquisite (is that how you write it?) for this list. Because of reasons obviously. And also: because I want to know what kind of “streets” this one has 🙂

2. Disney Pictopia: Because Disney.

3. Disney Pictionary Board Game: Fun fact: I suck at drawing. However, I love Pictionary. Makes perfect sense, I know. But maybe I’ll have more luck with the Disney version?

4. Ravensburger Labyrinth Disney Pixar: We still play the original version of this game from time to time, around here. Not just because it’s nice and easy, but also because it’s just genuinely fun. So, you know, there’s that.

5. Scene It? Disney Magical Moments: I have no idea what this game would be like, but I want to play it anyways. Anyone else ever get that feeling? No? Just me then, okay.

3. Jewellery

1. Sterling Silver Mouse Stud Earrings: These are the cutest thing ever, basically.

2. White Gold-Plated Beauty & the Beast Necklace: I’m definitely one of many to feel this way, but I’ve always loved Beauty and the Beast. If nothing else, then just because of Belle’s love for reading. So recognizable, right? 🙂

3. Happy Mickey Crystal Necklace: This is definitely a bit more of a statement piece, however, at the same time it’s less in your face obviously Disney, so I think I would probably quite like wearing this 🙂

4. Mickey Ears Studs: These are slighty more subtle, but I love the pattern with the three little hollow circles!

5. Alice in Wonderland Pocket Watch Necklace: I have a bit love for pocket watches – they’re just so lovely old fashioned, you know? Add in Alice in Wonderland, and I’m happy 🙂

6. Rose Gold Studs: I know Rose Gold has been quite the rage for a long while now, but these are just too adorable. Also: they’re Minnie, rather than Mickey Mouse, and I can only be happy about that 🙂

4. Trinkets

1. Vintage Peter Pan Quote Pillow: I love Peter Pan and I love decorative pillows with fun quotes on them so of course this one was going to be in here!

2. Disney Twin Mug Set: Probably my favourite Disney character is Minnie Mouse – there’s just something about her that I really like. And a girl can never have enough mugs, right?

3. Vintage Alice in Wonderland Printable: Right next up to Minnie in my list of favourite Disney characters would probably be Alice in Wonderland – she’s even my header on Tumblr! And the relativism about the state of the world present in both the book ànd the film just really speaks to me 🙂

4. Topsy Mug Alice In Wonderland: This mug is worrysomely weirdly constructed and I absolutely love it. Also: more Alice in Wonderland! Yay!

5. Be Our Guest Pillow: Another decorative pillow – and this one is just perfect for putting on your coach 🙂

6. Mickey & Minnie Tote Bag: Because, again, Minnie Mouse. And tote bags. Gimme! :p

So, there you have it, that’s the gift guide for Disney-fans done. Be sure to let me know below if you have any other gift-ideas in this theme, and do come back for the rest of this year’s Christmas posts!