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Giving experiences in times of-

Honestly, this entire year has been a bit of a mess – but here’s the main thing: it’s been a lot of missing people. So, considering the time of year and the circumstances? I’m opting for giving experiences, rather than gifts. Kinda. And here’s just some of my “inspiration!

For them

Of course, you can just give someone some general coupons, but sometimes it’s just fun to really anticipate what they might need.

For example, if they have kids (and if they have, as such, maybe had a little private time than they might’ve wanted), you could offer your babysitting services.

Or how about gifting them a breakfast basket, having a meal delivered to their door, or even cooking for them?

You know – the whole “spending time on them” showing that you think of them, and care for them, and all that jazz?

(The best thing? This is ideal as a last minute gift as well, considering you don’t really need to prepare anything!)

With them

If you’d rather do something together – which, again, very necessary in the current climate?

Why not offer them to go on a walk together? Or even go on an excursion together? You could prepare a picknick to share, grab a big blanket, maybe some fleeces, and actually get to spend some quality time together. Or how about some online activities you can do as a group?

Or, if you’re more into “acts of service” (yes, I have taken the Love Languages quiz again, I had too much time, okay?), why not offer to do some administrative work together, online? Why not help them out with a task they’re really not looking forward to?

All in all – more than ever, really show them that you’re thinking of them, and that you want to spend time with (or for) them. And let them know at Christmas!


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