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Gift Guide for an At Home Chef

Cooking is one of those funny things, isn’t it? Some people hate it, others love it. Me? I fall into the second camp – usually. There’s something about baking and cooking that just seems to calm me down no matter what else is going on. And if you have someone just like that in your life? Well, here’s a gift guide for your personal at home chef!

The big

Now, when I say big? I mean both in size and in price – think of this as a main gift for someone important in your life.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset is one of those brands that’s an institution more so than an actual brand. Whether it’s their (huge) Dutch Ovens or their tiny Mini Cocottes (perfect for making moelleux au chocolat, by the way!)

If you have someone in your life who really loves cooking and baking, this brand is a great starting point – if nothing else, because their products last eternities ├ánd there’s a bunch of different colours!


Now, as I mentioned – these are the big gifts. After all, a Kitchenaid can easily run up a couple of hundres of dollars/euros/… However, there’s a reason for that. For many at home chef’s, this is the brand they dream about – and I know I’m no different in that regard. So whether you make it a joined gift, or you just want to make sure this person will never forget how much you care for them? KitchenAid is just about a guaranteed hit!

The small(er)

Let’s be real – “small” is a very relative term. In all honesty, the gifts above? I would never be able to give them if it wasn’t a joined gift with like 4 other people. These? These are the kind of things I would give an at home chef on my own. A bit smaller, but definitely still “main gifts”, so to speak!


Moulinex is one of those brands that relatively intro level – my first water boiler, my first toaster, my first mixer, my bread maker, my kitchen robot… They’re all Moulinex. Because that way, I got them (relatively) cheap enough that I could be sure I would actually use them enough to justify the price.

Russell Hobbs

If your at home chef is more so into a retro-look – which I’d completely understand, considering, well… same – Russell Hobbs might be a fun brand to check out.

While the brand definitely has it’s modern products as well, it’s the classic kettles that got me sold on it. And honestly? This is probably my favourite kettle I’ve ever owned! (And, yes, I’m that person that has a favourite kettle… What else is new? :p )

The random

Think: stocking stuffers that are maybe just a little wacko – and most importantly: that’ll make any at home chef’s holidays!

Are these egg rings incredibly random? Yes. However, I’ve used them to make fried eggs, pancakes and crumpets and they’ve worked brilliantly each time.
The annoying thing about kitchen scissors? Eventually, they will break. The good thing about them? That means you can always gift them and it’ll be useful at some point!
You don’t always have to look for the biggest, or the brightest of gifts. Sometimes you can find really cool – and useful – things in, for example, Ikea. Case in point: this serving bowl. It’s useful, available in multiple sizes and materials – and it looks pretty cute too!
Sure, most bakers will have some measuring cups (or, if they’re in the EU: a scale) However, as I’ve noticed since getting most of my recipes online: sometimes it’s just useful to have some very specific cup sizes (like 1/6 or 3/4) available!

Honestly, an avid at home chef is probably one of the best people to buy gifts for – if nothing else, then just because you have so many options! And I haven’t even mentioned the option of gifting them some more specific ingredients. As a house warming gift, one person gifted me a 5kg-bag of chocolate drops and OH MY was that the best gift ever!

What would you gift someone who really loves to cook and bake? It might be a useful addition to my wish list, so be sure to let me know below!


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