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Holiday candles: a wish-list

So here’s the thing. I love candles. The problem? The bf not so much. Oh, and I’m terrified of forgetting a candle and then getting a fire. Dramatic, I know. None the less, that has resulted in me wanting all the candles. And, of course, getting none. But hey, I do have a lovely wish-list of holiday candles. So why not share them with you?

Snow candle (Gray Malin)

Let’s be real, I’m never going to give up hope for a White Christmas. And considering that, year by year, that seems to become more unlikely? *cough*global warming*cough* I guess this candle will just have to do.

Which, quite frankly? I’m not mad about.

You can buy this candle here.

Mon Beau Sapin, Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Any candle that is named ‘My beautiful Christmas tree” was going to be in my good books. The description of this scent, however, makes me long to go for a walk through a forest after it’s just rained. Sure, that might just be me, being totally random. But it also gave this candle a lovely spot right on top of my holiday candles wish-list!

You can buy this candle here.

Christmas at Hogwarts

Now, there’s a couple of similar candles that all caught my intension. The one pictured above is supposed to smell *just like Christmas*. There’s one other one in particular that apparently smells like a mixture of pine needles, misle toe and sweet berries and, well… Quite frankly what’s not to love?

You can buy these candles here, here and here.

Narnia candles

Harry Potter is as much of Christmas-favourite for me as Narnia is. So it really should not come as any surprise that there’s candles in those themes in this list as well. However, where Harry Potter was always more of a year-round thing? Narnia is Christmas all the way. Like, to the point where it’s almost ridiculous.

I mean, the scent of Narnia’s woods is something I can always get down with, you know?

You can buy this candle here.

Yankee Candles

This is one of those classics that has scented candles for basically any occasion. And I have to admit – the candles of this brand I own or have owned? They smell amazing. I don’t have any Christmas ones – yet. But they are definitely amongst my first options, for when I do *finally* get round to buying some holiday candles!

You can buy some of my favourites here, here and here. (affiliate links)

Undoubtedly, there’s a gazillion other holiday candles out there, so be sure to let me know below which ones I should look into! As I already said: I don’t really own any yet, so I could really use all your help to get a collection started 🙂

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