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5 More Favorite Holiday Movies

Now, I know I already wrote a post about some of my favourite Holiday movies. But you didn’t really think that there were only 5, did you know? So here you go: 5 more of my favorite holiday movies!

1. It’s a Wonderful Life

As I already said in my Christmas bucket list, I try to watch a Christmas classic a year, and this year this movie got that honour. And let me tell you – I loved it! I started it after decorating about half of my Christmas tree, finished it after decorating the other half, and it was just perfect. I already knew part of the story of this one, I then discovered there was a book, and figured I might as well watch it. Because, you know, it was on Netflix. It’s probably pretty obvious already that I do not regret watching it at all!

2. Eloise at Christmas Time

So I already included this one in my favourite children’s books to read at Christmas. And now the movie is included in this list as well? What? Yeah, so, you know that one movie that’s probably a little bit wrong, but you can’t help love anyways? The one that’s so perfectly fluffy? And it makes you smile, and laugh, and giggle, and maybe even cry, but all in the best possible way? Yeah, that’s this movie. So there. 🙂

3. The Polar Express

This is my favourite scene from this entire movie, and I love this movie. For some reason, I first saw it around Easter, and I remember just counting down until I could see it at Christmas. Because that’s the obvious thing to do, clearly. Anyways, this story is based on a book as well, but I’m kind of scared to read that one. Don’t want to risk it ruining the movie, right? And what a movie it is!

(Also, Tom Hanks is one of my top 3 actors, so that’s a huge bonus, obviously!)

4. The Snowman

Fun fact: the first time I heard of this movie, it was because Celtic Woman covered Walking in the Air. I didn’t actually realise that song was from a movie, until we played it for orchestra as part of the “film scores”. Obviously, that rung a bell 🙂 So yeah, this is definitely a movie I came to like because of it’s music.

5. Miracle on 34th Street

Here’s a (probably) controversial opinion: both editions. Everyone seems so stuck on the oldest edition, but you know what? Mara Wilson was totally amazing in the newer version and that’s how I came to know this story! Although I do have to admit: the Satnta in the oldest version definitely takes the cake . Also, the entire story of a man having to prove that he really is Santa Clause is just too amazing.

6. The whole Disney Kazang

Disney has some amazing Christmas movies, and the following 4 are just some of them:

See? Amazing!

And there you have it, some more of my favourite Christmas movies – do you have any recommendations? You know, for next year’s post! Be sure to let me know below, and do come back for the rest of this year’s Blog-mas!