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My 2018 Fall Bucket List

One of the best thing of any season, for me, is deciding what things I really want to get done. Whether it’s simply a matter of making a specific dish, going on a weekend away, or seeing an old friend? At the start of each season, I like to recoup, see where I want to go, and what I can do to get there. The “where I want to go” tends to be something along the lines of “less stressed” or “more relaxed” mostly, but, you know… Here’s my 2018 fall bucket list!

1. Go to the ballet

Every (late) fall or early winter since 2014, I’ve gone to a ballet each year. That first time was with my grandma, and then I found a friend who I basically meet up with once a year to go to a performance. Two years ago we saw Spartacus, last year we went to Swan Lake and this year we’re seeing Giselle. The best bit – the bf’s are joining us this time… Might be interesting ūüôā

2. Discover more of the parks around Brussels

Some of my best memories from last fall are just walking through the parks and mini-forests in and around Brussels with the bf. That period was so hard on me, with that killer-combo of my first year working, my first months of therapy and a friend going through some¬†hard stuff… Those walks were one of my only escapes.

I’m definitely hoping fall in and of itself will be easier than it was last year – but those walks?¬†Those can come back!

3. Dance in the rain

I love rain.

I love seeing the rain through the window, I love driving through the rain in the car, I love walking in the rain, I love getting soaked by the rain.

I’m told it’s weird, but either way – I’m hoping for a nice and wet fall.

4. Find a coat for the “in between” season that I¬†love

I basically tend to go from my rain coat straight to my winter coat, but a) my winter coat is¬†beyond the end of its life span and b) neither of those is actually that functional for the Belgian fall. We tend to have something of a “5 climates a day”-kind of weather on the best of days, so I need something that can withstand all of that. Oh, and that ideally? I actually like the look of (myself in) as well :p

5. Figure out something to do with pumpkin other than turn it into soup

I mean, I love pumpkin soup. But I¬†am getting tired of eating only that. My dad makes this mean diced pumpkin with cheese, so I might give that a go. And, you know… There’s always Pinterest ūüôā

6. Read. A lot.

I mean, this one doesn’t need any explaining, does it?

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7. Spend at least one weekend each month relaxing

Again, if you read my 52 goals last year? Or even if just if you’ve been around for a while? You know that this is not a thing that comes naturally to me. At all. I’m not saying I’m a workaholic or a perfectionist and those are the reasons that I’m never quite at ease during the weekends if I’m not being productive, especially because I’m also¬†very familiar with imposter-syndrome and I still don’t quite think I deserve my job but…

Yeah, basically, I am saying that. Working on it, though!

And there you have it, that’s my 2018 fall bucket list! What do you have planned for the next couple of months? Anything in particular you want to share? Be sure to let me know below!