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Weekly Lists #199: 5 Things to Do This Fall

That’s right: no fall bucket list this year! If nothing else, then because the content tends to stay largely the same throughout the years. And also, because I’m fully anticipating not being actually able to do too many of them – the classic “school” and all that jazz. So here’s just 5 simple things I am hoping to do this fall!

1. Kick some leaves

Preferably while on a hike through a wonderful autumn-landscape, sure. But in case those hikes I keep hoping for won’t happen? Well, then just kicking some leaves will have to get me through!

2. All the apples

Hopefully, I’ll get some of the apples from the apple trees at my parents’ place, but if not I’ll just go buy them. Either way, I’m hoping to get some serious apple cakes, apple pies, apple crumble, maybe even some homemade applesauce and apple juice? I think you probably get the jist of it already – all the apples!

3. Cosy reading

This item might actually be the hardest one on my entire list – yes, you read that right. Me, a book blogger. Considering reading to be difficult. But here’s the thing: reading is something I like to take my time for. And, honestly? Taking my time for anything seems a bit of a stretch right now. I mean, I’m writing this in between teaching back to back classes, for crying out loud!

But exactly because of that some cosy reading is probably exactly what I’ll be needing throughout this fal. So I might as well try and make a priority of it, right?

4. Healthy comfort food

Yes, I’m aware that basically sounds like a contradiction in and of itself – since when is comfort food “healthy”? But that’s exactly why I want to do this. After all, what’s not to love about pot pies, and Sunday roasts, and brownies, and cupcakes, and… I mean – apart from them being not at all healthy that is.

So, I’ve been collecting some fall, comfort, and healthy options over on my Pinterest, and I’m hoping to have a go at a lot of them this fall!

5. Board games

Or really anything that will allow me to spend some quality time with the people I care about. It just so happens that for us, board games are the way to go on that one. And considering I have, this summer, become the proud owner of an English Heritage edition of both Risk and Monopoly, as well as a Harry Potter edition of Clue? Well, we’ll just have to try them, won’t we?

Naturally, all of these are presupposed to include the bf. I mean, if nothing else, then just because his discomfort at being in the kitchen is quite funny to me. Don’t worry he’s aware of this, and thinks my attempts at gaming equally entertaining!

What are some things that you absolutely want to do this fall? Be sure to let me know below!