#TBT: 90s songs

Everyone has them, right? The songs from your childhood that come on and you can’t help it? You just have to sing – belt – along? Here’s literally just some of my favourite childhood-must-sing-90s-songs!

Baby One More Time

You wouldn’t believe how much I wanted to go to a school where you had to wear a uniform. All because of this video!

C’est La Vie

I used along to this song so much that it was ridiculous. And to this day, I’m fairly sure I’ll still belt along to the chorus. Not that you ever hear it anymore, but still…

I Want It That Way

Fun fact: in my 5th year of primary school (so somewhere around 11 yo) my teacher made Dutch Christmas lyrics to this song. Which we then had to sing for the entire school. Sure, that only was, like, 120 people, but still.

In Your eyes

They were (are?) a Belgian duo, they were (are?) huge, and I just really liked to jump up and down to this song.

She Goes Nana

Or basically anything by the Radios. I mentioned this band in my Belgian 80s Music-post as well, but that’s for one simple reason: they’re amazing. Honestly, there’s just something about this band and the mix of their voices that still does it for me. They’re just so. good. Considering the same is true for their songs? This is just, plain old, the good stuff.

What are those songs for you, actually? The ones that are stacked with memories and feelings of nostalgia? Be sure to let me know below!