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Monthly Updates #2: February Food

Every Saturday I do an update on what’s been keeping me busy the last month – this is the third Saturday of February, so that means: what have I been eating?


So, first things first, as always, right now it’s Dagen Zonder Vlees (“Days Without Meat”) in Flanders. Basically, for the past couple of years, every year during Lent, there’s a challenge where you try to eat no meat, and as such help the environment. I’ve participated in this for the last four years, to the detriment of anybody who’s eaten with me in those periods – ‘cuz I tend to take them down with me. What’s more, last year a friend of mine told me of this thing called Dagen Zonder Suiker (“Days Without Sugar”), where you basically try to limit your sugar-intake as much as possible during the same period.

So, basically, this list isn’t necessarily the best reflection of what I would normally eat, but it is what I’m eating right now!
**As always, any pictures taken from elsewhere are linked either right under the pic or in the title!**

1. Domino’s Garlic Bread

So I’m starting with something incredibly unhealthy – why? Because I had it two days ago and it was the best thing ever. Domino’s seriously has the best garlic bread (sorry Pizza Hut and others), and as Thursday is my “cheat meal day” (basically: I can eat whatever the hell I want for dinner) I knew I really, really wanted this – did you see the picture? I could not care less about the calories, it tastes and looks so good!

2. Thai Wok

Or, well, what I’m calling Thai Wok – basically, you take your broccoli and cut it into pieces (little “flowers”), as well as your French beans and steam them until they’re still lightly crunchy but ready to be eaten. Set your veggies aside and boil your rice noodles until they’re done. Pour out the water and mix some red Thai curry (as much as you like, so in my case: a lot) and your coconut milk through the pasta. Finally, add your veggies in and serve while hot.
I love this one so much because it really does fill you up, but it isn’t bad for you – also, I usually make a bunch of this, then freeze it, and so every portion I can add something, like marinated tofu, some more veggies, to taste and it’s always delicious!

3. Veggie Chili


I always start from this recipe, and then basically just do whatever I want with it – add more veggies? Sure! Add less liquids, so it’s nice and thick? Why not? Go wild on the beans? Why not! This serves itself so excellently for adaptation – and, also, the other recipes in this video are pretty amazing too!

4. Pim’s Toasty

Pic taken from
I don’t know if you have these cookies elsewhere in the world, but they are basically my favourite thing ever – you have them in the combo orange-chocolate and raspberry-chocolate and it tastes so freaking amazing! However, with this whole Days Without Sugar-thing going on, I can’t really have them (even though I still have a package in my closet, calling for me!) so I basically sort of invented a replacement for it? Quite simply, you take two slices of toast bread, spread a sugar-free chocolate paste on one of them and a sugar-free berry jam on the other, put it together and eat it either like that, or (as I’ve been doing, ‘cuz it’s really cold over here right now and it warms my soul!) put them in the toasty maker – the chocolate paste will be all delicious and gooey, and the tastes just really complement each other!
(Don’t worry if you think this sounds totally gross, by the way, almost everybody thinks so too – until they try it! 🙂 )

5. Sushi

Does this one honestly even need an explanation? There’s this amazing sushi-place close to my dorm where they have a) the best sushi for b) the best price with c) the best service – like, I literally go there every week, and they even know my order by now (why change a winning team, etc, and so on, and so forth)
Anyways, there you have it! That’s what I’ve been loving, food-wise, this past month! Do you have any great foods and/or recipes to try? Do you also love any of these? Do you think I’m crazy for doing that with my chocolate paste and jam? Be sure to let me know below!