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Subscription box gift ideas

One of the absolute best things about Christmas is giving presents. Well, at least I think so. But here’s the thing. Why should giving presents be limited to just that one day where the gifts are exchanged? I mean, I don’t know about you, but I find myself wishing I could offer to give more people more gifts on a regular enough basis that it’s become a thing. That got me thinking though: why shouldn’t we be able to give “the gift that keeps giving”? And that’s where this post comes in: here’s some pretty amazing – even if I do say so myself – subscription box gift ideas!

1. Beer Box

This may sound like a really random way to start a post about subscription boxes, especially one written by me. I mean, I don’t even drink! However, this box was the inspiration to this entire post. You see, the bf likes to have a nice beer every once in a while. So, from lusting over various subscription boxes myself, I started wondering: might there be a subscription box he would like? One with, for example, beer?

Short answer: sure there are. Quite a few even!

Knowing the Belgian beer-culture, however (hint: it’s a thing) I figured I would introduce him to some more of the classics.

(Buzzfeed even made a video on our beer-culture, if that isn’t saying something… 🙂 )

Anyways, for only €20, Belgibeer will deliver 4 to 8 bottles of beer to your doorstep every single month and from what I’ve seen the past couple of months? It’s the good ones.

(Alternately, if the person you’re wanting to buy a gift for is more of a wine-person? Try the Winc-wine subscription box!)

Book boxes

The good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) thing about book boxes, is that there’s so many of them. The (definitely) bad thing about them? Their Instagram pages are amazing. They make you want all the things.

Like that little dragon? Perfect gift for one of my friends who is obsessed with Game of Thrones 🙂

Some of my absolute favourites? The Book Club Crate and the Lit Joy Crate (the one from the picture above!), the My Coffee and Book Club is a great option, there’s classics like Owl Crate

The best thing? You get to choose: do you prefer to give just books? Then go for the Book Case Club. Do you want to give “reading time”, not just the book to go with it? Then the Cozy Reader Club might just be the way to go. Are you buying a present for someone who loves tea OR coffee, but not both, and you want to adapt your gift to them? The Tea and Book Club is your place to be!

In conclusion: book subscription boxes are both abundant and awesome and totally worth giving as a gift. (If you want some more inspiration: mastersreview and buzzfeed have written about them as well!)

But there’s more!

Geeky amazing-ness

Loot Crate is probably the most famous amongst the subscription box targeted at fandom-enthusiasts, but it’s far from the only one. And the Fandom of the Month Club has been giving me some serious Instagram-envy lately as well.

I’ve personally been eying the Geek Gear Box for a while now, and I really ike the look of Geek Chic Monthly as well. Both of these are still very broad: they encompass several genres, fandoms and types of gifts.

If you know exactly what fandom someone most loves, however, there’s plenty of options as well. Superhero Crate focusses – you guessed it, – on anything superheroes, while Accio! goes straight for the Potterheads. Mickey Monthly, again, has the obvious option: all things Mickey Mouse! (Yes, I may be ever so slightly entirely too excited about that one)


Also known as: the things I would be really happy with, but wouldn’t necessarily be asking for.

Do you know someone who maybe doesn’t always have the time to think of an entire menu for the entire week? How about giving them a subscription box which offers them all the ingredients necessary to make food for a couple of days? From Blue Apron to Hello Fresh (which I use myself and really have come to love), the food-box options are virtually endless!

If you know a person who loves their snacks, either Candyclub (the less healthy option) or Urthbox could be an option.

A beauty-lover? How about Birchbox? Or maybe Love Goodly if they might want to try the cruelty free-route?

Or amybe even broader: FabFitFun (which I’ve come to love through one of my favourite youtubers, Natalie from Nat, Wes and the Rest) offers products for beauty, lifestyle ànd clothing and seems to have amazing value for money!

Naturally, I’m more than aware that there’s countless other subscription box – this is, at the most, an entry level-post. At the most. So please, do be sure to let me know below what other subscription boxes you know of that might serve as great gift-ideas!

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