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Weekly Lists #63: Top 5 Disney Movies

No, this isn’t animated movies – this is those good old, can’t believe I’m loving these this much, favourite Disney Movies!

I think everybody, especially those who are part of “my generation” knows and / or loves at least some of these. They’re basically just my childhood, you know!

1. Ice Princess

Fun fact: I think this is the only actual Disney movie I took with me to college. (I’m not counting Pirates of the Carribean and Narnia, because those aren’t, like, real Disney films)

I used to watch this one every single time I got sick – and if I want to feel better now, I still will watch that final seen. There’s just something about the combination of that song with that triple whatever it is she does kind of twirl that can make me cry in the best possible way and I love it!

2. Hannah Montana: The Movie

Was I probably too old for this one? Yup. However, when the series came out, I wasn’t too old, and so I really just wanted to watch the movie as well, just to see how it would end. Of course, it didn’t technically end, and I’ve sort of had to tell me that it just took place in a sort of parallel universe (because, let’s face it: there’s no way that all those people kept Hannah Montana’s secret – as if!).

But, you know – I actually really liked this movie, and I loved the songs as well. I still know most of them by heart, actually 🙂

3. High School Musical 1-3

Another one where I was probably too old to actually still watch these by the time the last one came out, but you know what? I saw the first one, loved it, and then I was just morally obliged to finish the movies, right?

And in case you were wondering: yes – I do know all the songs of all the films by heart. #proud

(Also, fun fact: the more I rewatched these, the more I actually found myself rooting for Sharpay and Evan – they’d literally spent their high school life working to do the whole musical thing and then it’s just swept away in front of their nose? #rude )

4. The Princess Diaries 1-2

I mean, these movies have Julie Andrews sliding down the stairs on a freakin’ mattress. What the frig more could I want?

Oh – yes, that’s right. Anne Hathaway being just about the coolest princess ever and a huge amount of feel good happiness.

Like, if I ever needed any type of happy movie, this one would be right on top of the list!

5. The Parent Trap

This used to be my absolute favourite movie ever for so long. I still have it and will watch random (read: my favourite fragments that I basically know how to skip straight ahead to) scenes of it!

And of course, it has Lindsay Lohan being absolutely adorable – and sneaky, and cunning!- and the parents get back together and…

Ugh, I get happy just thinking about it!

Anyways, there you have it, 5 of my favourite Disney Movies! Are there any you think I missed? Be sure to let me know below!