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Weekly Lists #59: Top 5 Favorite Fall Recipes

As we’re nearing the end of October, I have to admit that I’m so glad we already got some really cold days in. The last couple of years, we’ve had something of an eternal Indian Summer here in Belgium – two years ago, it was like 15°C on New Year’s Eve! It’s supposed to be freezing then! So, yes, I’m really glad it’s starting to appear we might have something of a real winter again! And of course, with that cold weather comes the need for food that compliments the temperatures. And what better way to share those, than via a Weekly List dedicated entirely to some of my favorite fall recipes?

1. Apple Cake

Now, I always try to link the image I use for the thumb nail to the actual post – and in this case, of course, that link is that I freaking love apples. We have some apple trees at home, which just makes that so much better 🙂

I especially love anything baked using apples. So it really shouldn’t surprise anybody that my probably all time favourite fall food is apple cake (or apple pie, or apple pancakes, but let’s just focus on the cake here, shall we?).


I especially love the recipe I shared last month. Considering I’ve been making it at least once a week for the bf since term started? I’d say it’s a goodie!

2. Brownies

Again: a love that comes from very close to home – from the nut tree that we have in our garden, to be exact! Brownies are one of those things that are just made so much better with some nice wallnuts, and using fresh ones that you just got from your garden? Makes it so much better!

Source: Sorted Food
Source: Sorted Food

I especially love the recipe by Sorted Food, although I usually just leave out the m&m’s and add in some extra chocolate chips instead 🙂

3. Pasta

Don’t worry, this isn’t just a post featuring nothing but candy – I do actually like myself a good, hearty meal every once in a while as well.

I actually dedicated an entire post to my love of pasta last year, but of course I couldn’t just leave that one out this year!

There’s really nothing out there that can beat a good old bolognaise, but I’m quite partial to any type of creamy, veggie pasta or mac and cheese as well. Such as there are: this recipe by the Domestic Geek – love it!

4. Salad

Now don’t you look at me like that – I promise you I’m not mad!

However, I’ve been loving the salads these last couple of months, and as I was looking for ways to make that love carry over into fall and winter, I realised something. Namely that there are so many winter vegetables. And you can so easily incorporate the majority of them in your salads!

My basis for any salad is always some greens (this fall, I’ve been loving some of the more nutty types of lettuce), some cherry tomatoes and some type of meat or fish. Lately, I’ve been adding all sorts of cooked vegetables to that – Brussel sprouts, baked carrots, sweet potato, … You name it, I’ve probably put it in there! The advantage is that, if you’ve already cooked them, these vegetables still carry that flavour of “prepared”, and as such make your salad seem more hearty!

5. Soup

Of course! Another one I dedicated an entire post to last year, but soups really are a sort of universal cure all, if you ask me. Not only are they pretty darn healthy (as long as you don’t go too wild on the cream), if you’re anything like me, you can make a huge batch of them and then you have easy snacks or dinners ready in no time at all!


And considering that this onion soup looks like the most delectable thing I’ve ever seen, I might now have to go out and buy some onions!

So, there you have it – 5 of my favourite fall recipes! What are your go to-foods during this season? Be sure to let me know below!