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Weekly Lists #206: Favourite Fall Music

I feel like we probably all have this – those songs that just remind you of a certain moment, a time of your life… Or, in this case: what I have come to dub as fall music. The music that just tends to go on constant-repeat the moment autumn comes around!

1. Là-bas (Jean-Jeacques Goldman)

This is the original song that made me create a “fall music”-list on Spotify. Three years ago, I was studying in Brussels and on my walk from campus to the apartment, I would come across the – in my eyes – most beautiful church of Brussels. Anyways – that walk and this song? That was the entirety of my 2016-fall.

2. Glorious (Ella Henderson)

A recent addition, obviously, but none the less it’s going to last the years. I mean, with how much I’ve been playing it recently? I just know it’s going to be linked to fall in my head for, just about, all eternity.

3. All the King’s Horses (Karmina)

I should thank my sister for a great many things, but this is probably one of the main ones. That’s to say – she first introduced me to this song, and probably regrets it to this day. That being said, something about the atmosphere of this song just screams fall music to me, doesn’t it?

4. Since I Left Home (The Willis Clan)

In general, I appreciated most of The Willis Clan‘s music – both as a band, and in their solo-endeavours. This song is probably one of my favourites, though.

5. Ride On (Celtic Woman)

In general, most of the Destiny-album and the Ancient Land-album could feature on this list. To keep things at least slightly interesting, though, I figured I’d try and limit the amount of Celtic Woman on this list. So, you know. Just consider this your token Celtic Woman song for this post, okay?

Anyways, those are only some of my fall music favourites, but I’m sure there’s tons more. What would be some of the songs that just scream fall to you? Be sure to let me know below!


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