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Weekly Lists #218: Fall Music

There’s something about fall that has always spoken to me. There’s a certain melancholy in the air that just does it for me – I’m not entirely sure what that says about me, but there you have it none the less. And one of the way that expresses itself most often? That’s in the songs I like to listen to throughout the season – a whole playlist of fall music, even!

1. The Top Is Where The Down Bit Starts

2. Là-bas

3. Brother

4. Without You

5. Soundtrack of Someday

Honestly, I could’ve put the entirety of Taylor Swift’s folklore on here as well, but that just seemed a bit… superfluous. And of course, if you want more inspiration for fall music? You can check out my Spotify-list – I promise you, I haven’t gotten tired of listening to it non-stop… For about two months straight 🙂


Walking Through The Pages - Weekly Lists: Fall Music 2020