Weekly Lists

Weekly Lists #90: Favorite Professional Organizational Tips

Yeah, sure, I already dedicated an entire weekly list to my favourite organizational videos quite recently. But you know what? Sometimes, you just need the pro’s. I’m going to have to move again in a little while, so I figured now was a good time. Without further ado: some of my favorite professional organizational tips!

1. 13+ Secrets Personal Organizers Would Never Tell You for Free

Now, I don’t know about “never tell you for free”. But you know what- I actually read some of these tips and went “huh”. So here’s to a small “huh”-erlebnis for you, maybe 🙂

2. “Most organized home in America”

And it’s two parts, even!

Now, I have to admit: I tend to be at least slightly sceptic whenever someone says “most” or “best”. Ironic, considering I use those phrases just about every other sentence.

Still, this house is pretty darn organized!

So, you know, if this doesn’t give you at least some ideas…

3. What NOT to do when organizing

Sometimes the best of intentions can get you all the way on the wrong track, right? So stuff like this can be quite usefull as well.

That’s it, basically. Just plain old usefull 🙂


4. S.P.A.C.E.

Because sometimes you just don’t have time for a whole bunch of ideas, and then this handy acronym might be just what you need.

(Also, the acronym is followed by a whole bunch more of tips, so, you know… 🙂 )

5. 20 Little Known Organizing Secrets Used by Professional Organizers

Again, “little known”? I don’t know.

But, you know: the more you know? :p At least one more “huh”-moment again, so I figured I’d include it.

And there you have it, 5 professional organizational tips. Do you have any other tips? Or have you already used any of the ones included in here? If so: how did they work for you? Be sure to let me know below!