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Weekly Lists #19: Favourite Songs

Every week, I post a list of 5 random things – this week: 5 of my favourite songs of the moment!

As so many others do, I listen to music on a daily basis. Hourly basis, actually – some might even go so far as to say that I never stop listening to music.

Like ever.

And, as is no doubt also the case for many others – my taste in music can be best described as “eclectic”. As in, you’re gonna have to look pretty long and far to find something I really don’t like.
(Except for Electronic-type music – the 80’s and 90’s version is pretty okay, but for the rest? Not so much)

Because my taste is so varied, my favourite songs are always only “of the moment” – some of them will last months, some all of a day. But in that “moment”, they are the thing – and I will listen to them non-stop, on repeat, for at least a couple of hours straight.
(Just ask my bf, he’s the one who has to bear with them).

So here are some of my favourite songs of the moment!

1. Soap, Melanie Martinez


Now, basically, I love just about all of her songs – one of my best friend told me to look up this singer’s audition on The Voice US, and one thing led to another – and now I know almost all of her songs’ texts by heart and so does the bf, whether he likes it or not…

2. Molly Malone, The Dubliners


I love me some Dubliners – their style, their sound, their songs – just about anything really. This song in particular, I’ve loved for almost as long as I can remember listening to music, but this past week especially, I’ve been going back to it time and time again. I found myself singing it on the way to get some groceries, looked it up ‘cuz I couldn’t figure out one of the lyrics, and the rest, as they say, is history…

3. Voices, Celtic Thunder


This is another one of those songs where the people in my environment find themselves singing along without ever even realising that they, apparently, know the lyrics – osmosis it’s called, no? 🙂
This group in particular, as well as their “female counterpart”, Celtic Women, I’ve loved for ages – it broke my heart when George Donaldson (the big bald teddy with the to-die-for-Scottish-accent) died almost 2 years ago, I am addicted to their Mythology-tours (which this song is from) and they’re actually the group that introduced me to Rocky Road to Dublin, even though the Dubliners (or so I’ve discovered this week) also have a version of it!

4. Flower Duet, Malika and Lakmè


As those of you who actually know me IRL will probably know, I love to sing – a little bit too much maybe, considering the fact that my dorm doesn’t necessarily have the thickest of walls. Last year, this song was one of my works for singing  class (the lower voice, in case anybody was wondering) and it just reminded me again how much I love this song – as my exams are still going on, I’ve found myself grabbing for familiar, classical music more often, and this song is definitely one of those which I have playing most while trying to cram some more French Linguistics into my brain…

5. Space Oddity, David Bowie


David Bowie, of course…
I don’t think there’s anybody who hasn’t been listening to his music this last week-and-a-half, considering that every radio station here in Belgium seems to have been playing nothing but David Bowie since his death. I’ve actually “discovered” a lot of his music because of this, as in: I knew and liked (or in some cases, such as this one: loved) the song, but I had no idea that it was his.
This one, though, is one of those songs which just catches me for some reason – the voice, the lyrics, the riff, … It really is out of this world (haha, I’m so punny, I know :p )

So there you have it, 5 of my favourite songs of the moment – what are your favourite songs? Do you, like me, have a wide range of music to listen to? Do you have any set music for studying? Have you been hearing Bowie everywhere? Or do you, like my friend did, have some tips for me, songs or artists I definitely have to look up? Be sure to let me know below!