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Weekly Lists #80: Favorite Songs of the Moment

Every once in a while, I feel the need to talk about music on here. You see, I’m basically listening to music all the time. I’m that annoying person that doesn’t even have music on, but is still tapping there foot along to the rhythm of the song they have stuck in their head, basically. And once I have collected a sufficient amount of songs that I really love? Well, why not post about my favorite songs of the moment?

1. Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe

This has been the song I’ve been tapping along to, in case you were interested 🙂

Now, here’s the thing: this girl is 20. And she has this amazing, unique voice that she can do awesome things with. And also, this song is just catchy as anything. Well, in my opinion anyways. Especially this acoustic version!

(Also she’s from Norway, so I was always going to like her just that little bit more 🙂 )

2. Lucas Graham – You’re Not There

Yes, this is the singer / band from those two songs everybody is completely tired of by now – even though I still love them. None the less, the makers of 7 years and Mama said managed to completely make me fall in love with their music again in this song.

Sure, he might still be talking about the same thing as always – but he does that so beautifully!

3. O’G3NE – Light and Shadows

So in 2007, these three sisters participated in Junior Eurovision. Now, exactly 10 years later, they’re the Dutch entrance for Eurosong. And just like I loved them back then, I’m rooting for them now. I’ve been following (and loving) Lisa, Amy and Shelley even more since they participated in The Voice two years ago. Knowing that this song was written by their father, to honor their mother who has cancer just makes me love this more.

Also – they’re one of the few groups of these times that actually sound better live than they do in a studio, so you’ve got to love that, right?

4. Great Danes ft. Kimbra – Where the Down Bit Starts

I first came across this song when I googled “autumn music” about 7 months ago. This one was the first in a mix I came to love – and this song was part of the reason why, exactly, I loved it.

There’s something about the atmosphere that goes out from this song, and about those lyrics, that just really gets me, you know?

5. Luciano Pavarotti & Renato Zero – Il Cielo

I know the quality of this video isn’t optimal, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. But, like, seriously? This song isn’t just amazing – the combination of these two voices just makes it that much better.

And there you have it, that’s 5 of my favourite songs of the moment! Did you already know these songs? Do you have any music tips for me? Be sure to let me know below!