#TBT: Favourite Disney Series

Fun fact for you: we never had Disney Channel until I was old enough that I probably shouldn’t really have been watching it, still. I did – but that’s a matter for another day. More importantly, though, that means that most of my experiences with Disney came from either video cassettes or from dvd’s. I still have a nice little collection, actually, with the movies that I got. And while, for many of them, my opinion has shifted towards the “meh” stage, there’s a couple that are definitely still part of my favourite Disney content!

Zorro (1957-1959)

This tv-series was a huge part of my youth, although it was made before even my parents were born. You see, the last program on the Flemish “youth tv station” would be shown between 7.30pm and 7.55pm. And for a while, Zorro was one of the series that they went through a couple of times. I loved the quickness of Zorro’s with, I absolutely loved Bernardo (he’s my inspiration for basically anytime I’m playing Time’s Up)… And of course, there’s the fact that this was a series which took place in such a drastically different world from the one I knew. Even at that age (which must have been about 8 to about 13), I was fascinated by history. And Zorry definitely played into that.

Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire was one of the most relatable shows I watched as a (early) teenager, and at least part of that was the fact that she had an annoying brother. The other parts were that, basically everything embarrassing thing I went through as a teenager? She had probably gone through it beforehand. Which made it just that little bit easier for me to go through it too? Maybe?


I don’t think I ever saw this series as it was intended to – which is to say: on the Disney Channel. However, these were the days when YouTube was a vault of series and movies. And on one (late) Friday night, I happened to come across the series. I didn’t even know it existed until that point, but I sure watched the entire thing within a couple of days!

The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

This is probably the ultimate one – this is the tv series that, if you play me the tune, I will a) start singing along and b) feel an immense need to rewatch the entire thing.

This series was so adorable on so many levels, that it’s still one of those things that just immediately calms me down and can get me out of any funk.

So here’s to the type of Disney series that immediately gives you that feeling – the perfect type of comfort watching. What would that look like for you? Be sure to let me know below!