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Weekly Lists #192: Fictional Date Locations

I know this is basically blasphemy, probably. But, none the less – here I go: I’m not really a big fan of going on dates. I know you should and yadayadayada. Anyways. I think, though, if we could go to these fictional date locations? You can bet that I would be out on a date every week!

1. Moonacre valley

There’s something about the magic of this place, that makes me want to go for a hike around here for a date or something. Could you just imagine? Making your way from that cave, all the way to that huge cliff, to end with supper at the castle? And of course – I’d love to imagine the madness that is Marmaduke in the kitchen. He was honestly one of my favourite parts about the movie, so to experience that in real life? Yes please!

2. Hogsmeade

Yes, I know, such a typical Potter head thing to say. But you know what? The Potter-world has been one I’ve dreamed of for such a long time, that, going there for a date? It would truly feel like magic. As an alternative, I’m also willing to settle for the Harry Potter-theme park, closed just for us, in midwinter. Dream big, right?

3. Rivendell

This one’s for the bf, honestly – but I’ve got to admit: the elfland of LOTR? I’d be down for that. Supposing a sufficient period of peace had gone by since The happenings of the trilogy, of course!

4. Cair Paravel

Preferably during the highdays of Narnia, when Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy were actually there. First of all: Narnia sounds like sucjz an amazing country. Second: I want to meet all 4 of them. Third? Well, Narnia’s the first series that really made me dream away at the thought of going there. So to go there with the bf? Perfect date material!

5. Astrid Lindgren’s Sweden

Honestly, I don’t really know to what extent the Sweden Astrid Lindgren describes was ever truly a real location. But right now? It’s very much so a fictional place. Since I was tiny, there stories have made me dream at the idea of ever going to Sweden. I’d just love to go there in general, but I also feel as if it would make for the perfect picnic-and-leasurely-stroll kind of date. Don’t you agree?

What kind of fictional date locations would you most like to go on a date to? Any wyou’d want to double date with me on? Be sure to let me know below!


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