2019 Reading Updates – July Update

July was, without a doubt, one of the weirder reading months I’ve had in a while. The entire first half of the month saw me stuck in something of a slump. I mean we’re talking up to the point that I was honestly considering there wouldn’t be a 2019 Reading Updates – July update. And then that last week happened…

What I read

  1. As Luck Would Have It, Zoe May (review)
  2. The Love Solution, Ashley Croft
  3. Two Like Me and You, Chad Alan Gibbs
  4. Love and Other Mistakes, Jessica Kale (review)
  5. The Ingredients for Happiness, Lucy Knott (review)
  6. Spring Skies over Bluebell Castle, Sarah Bennett
  7. Sunshine over Bluebell Castle, Sarah Bennett (review)
  8. Honeymoon for One, Frankie Collins

Which basically means I kinda went with almost a book per day, for a while. Oops?

What I thought

That I loved all of it, apparently. My average rating for the books I read in July was 3.9. That’s higher than it’s been this past year!

And that I’ve apparently had a pretty good month on Netgalley as well, because the majority of those books were ARCs. Usually those are a bit of a hit and miss with those. For me, at least. This month, however? This month I finally seem to have made some pretty darn great requests!

And finally – that, when in a reading slump? Romance truly is the way to get myself out of that. Every single book I read this month was romance, after all!

What have you been reading in July? Any books you think I might enjoy? And what do you do when you’re in a reading slump? Be sure to let me know below!