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Weekly Lists #49: Favourite Food-Tubers

So after writing entire posts on my favourite Family-tubers, my favourite DIY-tubers and (of course) my favourite book-tubers, it seemed only right that I should also dedicate an entire post to some of my favourite food-tubers.

Now, fair warning: if you go to these youtubers’ profiles, you will end up hungry – no kidding, what they make is actually that delicious. However, if you want some inspiration for what to have for supper, they definitely have got your back!

1. Sorted Food


These guys have it as their mission to “get the nation cooking” and I feel like they’re succeeding at it – they have a huge variety of different types of recipes, they present them in such a fun way, and the things I’ve already tried were actually delicious – the British accents are just a fun extra 🙂

2. Bigger Bolder Baking


So, basically, I love Gemma Stafford – she’s fun, she does something that is quite different from what most people with cooking channels seem to be doing, and her recipes are perfect for when you’re wanting to make single portions – in other words: perfect for the college student that is I!

3. The Domestic Geek


I guess it’s pretty clear that I love lists (I write them at least once a week, after all), and Sarah from The Domestic Geek specialises in “something 3 ways” or “another thing 5 ways” – and it’s always all so delicious. Like, her vegetarian chili alone should earn her your follow, but let me tell you: the rest of her channel (such as there are: these amazing potato-breakfast-options) is somehow even better!

4. Rosanna Pansino – Nerdy Nummies


Now, yes, I know that Ro is one of the most ‘famous’ YouTube-food channels out there, but there’s definitely a reason for that: her creations are exactly what they promise to be: Nerdy and Nummy – there’s always a geeky twist, most of it is actually very doable, and of course: it always ends up looking amazing!
(Well. At least her creations do, I’m still working on my end of the deal 🙂 )

5. Blogilates – Cassy Ho


So, yes, of course, Blogilates isn’t technically a cooking channel but a fitness channel and so on and so forth. That being said, she does regularly put out videos with ‘Cheap Clean Eats’ (over 50 at the point of my writing this) and they’re all not only very doable, but also all quite delicious – and of course: healthy. What more could you want?

So, there you have it, 5 of my favourite Food-Tubers – what other channels should I check out? Be sure to give me your recommendations below!