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Weekly Lists #202: Favourite Opera-along songs

In the list of things that make me a little weird, so I have been told, should feature the fact that I love to sing opera. And honestly, I don’t know that it makes me a little weird? But I do love to sing opera. I even took opera-focussed singing classes for about 10(?) years. And if it’s taught me one thing? It’s that there’s nothing quite like a good old opera-along!

1. Think of Me (Phantom of the Opera)

I don’t know that I necessarily need to explain this, beyond maybe: that final sequence? Majestic. And when you hit it perfectly? It kind of feels like winning at life.

2. The Flower Duet

Slightly more on the classic side, but this is one of those songs that’s just… It’s so pretty? And the way you can make two voices just -blend- if you do it right… Well, it feels pretty amazing!

3. Ode and die Freude

In this case, it’s largely a matter of the idea of having that many people, being involved in something of that size. This is 100% one of those bucket list items. If anyone has any contacts :p

4. Zero Gravity – Kate Miller-Heidke

There’s something about a pop beat with an opera voice that can really do it for me. In this particular case, Eurovision 2019 had me amazed at this song – and has the bf know it by heart because I sing it that often 🙂

(Alternately, previous years’ Forza and La Voix are real strong options as well)

5. Holy Night

Yes, Christmas music. But honestly? This song is so amazing, and especially if you can sing it correctly – which, in my *humble* opinion, means: higher. Especially *that one note*. (If you know, you know)

Anyway, what’d’ya think – am I really that much of a weirdo for loving to sing opera? Be sure to let me know below – I’m quite curious 🙂


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