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Weekly Lists #42: The Weirdest Things I Do While Studying

So, yes, it’s finally summer!

(It actually technically was already summer when last week’s List was published, but as I literally had come out of the exam room ONE HOUR before I pressed ‘publish’ on that one, it just didn’t really feel like it.)

Now, with my exams finally being over – and me finally (for what feels like, and might just actually be, the first time in months) being able to relax – I have come to the realisation that the (quite large amount, actually) people telling me my way of studying is a bit weird, might just have a point.

That’s to say – the way I actually study is plenty normal (I actually wrote an entire series on that here!), however, what I do while studying?

Not so much, apparently!

1. Watch YouTube. A ton of it.

As a matter of fact – I literally made a list with every Ellie and Jared video ever made – from the very beginning in 2012 up to and including their most recent video that I hadn’t yet seen (somewhere during January’s exams, when I first really started following them) and watched all of them.

Well, all of them – there’s like 800 of them and I have a limited amount of internet at my dorm – but still, I’m two years in at this point.

And I’m also subscribed to about 10 more daily vloggers, as well as to BuzzFeed and CleverTV – and Merlin only knows how many videos a day they post – and then some.

So yes, I watch a lot of YouTube during exams.

Why? Because I need the focused distraction – if I don’t have something set to focus on, I get distracted by any little fly that’s somehow stuck in my room, every kid that passes by my window, the fascinating cracks in my wall…

* shrugs shoulders *

It works, what can I say?

2. Practice Yoga. Kind of.

I don’t actually practice yoga, however, I am constantly forcing myself into all types of weird positions because they’re “comfortable”.

Whenever I utter that last word, however, people tend to look at me rather oddly, so I’ll just go ahead and assume they aren’t actually that comfortable for most people.

That being said, I really can’t handle sitting in the same position all the time (did you know it’s possible to actually get sour muscles from not moving too much? Yeah. That’s a thing) so people will just have to get used to finding me on my bed in something resembling this position:

Photo Credit: Thryve Studio


3. Drink my body weight in tea. Really.

I sincerely wish I were exaggerating for this one, but I drink my tea with lemon juice and honey and I’ve gone through two entire jars of honey (600g per jar) and 3 bottles of lemon juice (of half a liter!) at the very least since the end of May.

At least it’s semi-healthy?

4. Facebook Games. Daily Challenges. Anything that takes time away from studying.

Again, I really wish I were kidding on this one. Or even exaggerating when I say that the amount of Facebook Games I have right now is due to the fact that I get at least one new one every single exam period.


Then again, this has gotten me to quite some high levels on various fun games such as Tetris Battle, Solitair Castle, and Pet Rescue Saga.

That’s level 867 people. Level 867. Still not entirely sure whether I’m proud or ashamed of that one.

(Then again, I usually only really play it a lot during exams, and I’m pretty good about actually stopping when I have to, so oh well…)

5. Crave ‘something but I don’t know what’

Now, I don’t know if this one is actually even all that weird, but I have it all the time – I literally drive people mad by turning down every suggestion for everything ever – food, relaxation activities, whatever – because it’s not the thing I want  – of course, actually explicitly stating what it is, then, that I want?


And very annoying to other people 🙂

So there you have it, 5 of the weirdest things I do while studying – now, let me have it: are these actually that weird? Do you also do any of these? What weird things do you do when studying? Be sure to let me know below!