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Weekly Lists #47: Studying Essentials

Here’s one of the best things about living in Belgium: the school year doesn’t start until September 1st at the earliest.
Yeah, you read that right – we all have about another month of summer holidays to go.

However, I know that isn’t the case for many of you and as such, I felt like this might just be the moment to write this particular post – and also, I just kind of miss school, odd as that may sound, so this felt like a great way to get at least some of that school-vibe back in my life 🙂

1. Glitter Pens with fun colours

Now, I guess I don’t technically need these so much as they make it just so. much. easier. to actually see the structure in all of my courses. I’m definitely what you’d call a ‘visual’ learner, so for me it’s absolutely key that, with just one look on my course notes or schema’s, I can immediately see which of the words are important dates, names, places or titles.
And, you know, I guess I could maybe just use highlighters or something – but then again, if glitter pens with fun colours are an option, why wouldn’t I?

2. Water and Tea

I probably already mentioned this in some post somewhere, but I drink a lot of water a day. I’m talking at least 3 liters here, Of course, when you’re studying, it’s even more important that you stay hydrated – keep those brains working well – and as such I definitely tend to have days where I easily reach 4 liters of water at least, plus at least 5 cups of tea (and I know I already told you that I love to drink tea :p )

Here’s my hint of the day, though: if you can, try to keep your liquids mainly to water and tea, or maybe coffee if it’s absolutely necessary – getting too much sugar or caffeine in your system will give you a high for, like, 20 minutes, but when you crash (and crash you will) it makes studying so much more difficult because your focus is basically all over the place :p

3. Popcorn, slices of apple, cherry tomatoes, …

This goes along with the previous point, basically, but I’m definitely one that not only needs to constantly be eating something when I’m studying – again: keeping those energy levels up and everything – but also: I just like the act of having something to munch on.
I don’t know if this is just a tale, but I once read that while your eating, your brain makes this hormone that actually tends to help you concentrate better.
Again: I haven’t a clue whether that’s just a fable or not, but as long as I haven’t seen it properly denied, I can keep using it as an excuse for my constant need of tiny snacks, right?

4. Music

I’ve been told many a time that I’m completely mad  for this one (although that might just be because I tend to regularly exchange music for vlogs and vice versa) but I cannot have it be silent when I’m studying. Like, I need something to focus my distraction on, and music is typically where it’s at.
If you’d like some of my recommendations, my favourite pieces for the violin, my favourite soundtracks, as well as a bunch of “best of classical music” videos on Youtube tend to make the cut. (I wish I were kidding about that last one, but let’s face it: there’s a reason I know almost all of Tchaikovsky’s music by heart and it isn’t that I’ve been to all of his ballets :p )

5. Darkness with one light, for better concentration

Okay, so I know that this might just sound a bit odd to many of you, but here’s the thing: you know how, somehow, you always seem to be able to focus more and better at night? Well, this basically just allows me to get that form of ‘higher concentration’ even during the day. I basically just close all the curtains, put on only my desk lamp, and somehow I manage to focus way better than I usually can!

What about you? What are some of the things you need to have in order for your study session to be a succes? Be sure to leave me any tips and tricks below!