2016 Reading Challenges: March Update

So apparently it’s April? Already? Which means I have only 2 months left to write my entire masters’ thesis? (Can I panic yet?)
I mean, cliche though it sounds, I really don’t know what’s happened to the month, I could’ve sworn it was Valentine’s day just yesterday! And now it’s, like, full on spring! (even I could leave the house in just a sweater this past weekend!)

2016 Reading Challenges March Updates

All that being said, of course, it’s time for a new update on where I’m at with my reading challenges – and because, as I just said, I’m kinda supposed to be studying (I need more days in this term!) let’s make this fast and quick, okay?

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First of all: I read 15 books this month – 15, and that’s with trying to write papers and prepare for tests in the mean time! (yes, I’m actually kind of proud of myself– can you tell?)

And what’s more, all but one of those actually counted for my GoodReads Reading Challenge – which means I’ve now read 34 “new” books, and I’m 10 books ahead of schedule! (as of April 1, of course)

As for the rest of the challenges, again: some progress was made, and I love it 🙂

For the Read Around the World-challenge, I got to visit one more continet with I Am the Messenger, I got to another US-state, New Jersey, with Boys, Bears and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots (which was probably also the only good thing about reading that book – it wasn’t bad in any way or form, it just left me feeling kind of… empty?). Finally, the book De Achterblijvers – which is basically one of my all time favourite youth novels ever – got me another letter on the A to Z challenge (Antwerp), another country (Belgium), another author from a different country ànd one more place I’ve visited myself!

Next up is the Modern Mrs Darcy-challenge, for which I managed to finish Thirteen Clues for Miss Marple in one days, and the PopSugar Reading Challenge, where I got a book from the library (Boys, Bears, etc.), a satirical book (Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme) and a book that’s guaranteed to bring me joy (Just Between Us – seriously, I love everything by Cathy Kelly, and her books always make me feel so much better!).

Finally, I managed to read a classic that I never made time for with Le Cid, a book about a person that really inspires me with Altijd Acht Gebleven, a book that involves a lot of mystery with The Thirteen Clues and a book that reminds me of another season with Just Between Us for the STXRY Reading Challenge.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any farther on the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge, but then again, I’m pretty sure that one is going to end up being a life goal, so I’m pretty happy with my progress, so far!

How are your reading challenges going? Be sure to let me know below!