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Monthly Update #4: March Readings

So another month has begun! And that means that, for the first time since I’ve started this series (because I didn’t actually get the idea until the second week of February) it’s time to talk about what I’ve been reading…

Now, for those of you hoping to get a list of must-read books, you’ll get it – somewhat.

Unfortunately, school still isn’t letting me read as much I’d like, and it shows in the sort of stuff I’ve been reading…
What kind of stuff that is? Well, let’s get started!

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1. School Reading

First of all, just to get this over with: there’s the manuals – there’s always the manuals, isn’t there?
In this case, there’s only one manual, really – and it’s about the history of French literature from the Middle Ages up to and including the 18th century, so I actually think it’s quite interesting!

Of course, then my professors just had to go and a bunch of papers to it…. And when I say “a bunch”, well, I mean a bunch:

Now here’s the good thing: my professors have been doing this type of stuff for years, so at least I’m pretty good at dealing with the whole “there’s more papers here than my shelves can carry, how on earth am I supposed to get this all done”-situation, so I’m pretty proud to say that the term is only 4 weeks in, and I’ve already read all but 2 of those – and I am fully intending on getting those done before the weekend is over!

(of course, knowing my professors, I’ll get more as soon as the Easter Holiday is over with, but oh well)
(also, in case you’re interested in how, exactly, I’m dealing with it: I wrote a post on that in my How To Survive College Series, so be sure to check that out!)

2. Set Reading

Why do I put this in a different category? Because at least this one concerns actual literature – French literature, certainly, because I’m only taking French courses this term, but still: literature none the less.
The fun thing is, I have two literature courses, and one of them talks about the USA, through French literature, and the other talks about Versailles, and Louis XIV, and baroque and classicism – and I’m just about geeky enough (and raised on museums and history) that I’m actually really excited about that!

3. Agatha Christie

Now I don’t particularly know why I’ve been reaching back to Agatha Christie so often this month, but I’ve always loved her writing, especially the stories about Miss Marple – which are exactly the ones I seem to have been binging on this past months… And I’ve gotta tell you – that old lady really does just have it!

I especially love those works where she’s actually solving a whole bunch of separate cases, for example in the Tuesday Night Dinners (for example, The Thirteen Problems – anybody who loves Miss Marple will know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, you totally should go and read it!)

4. Fanfiction

And when I say fanfiction, I mean ridiculously copious amounts of fanfiction – if you ever have a chance, or find yourself even remotely interested, might I suggest you go to my page with favourite stories on and indulge yourself – I tend to read at least some fanfiction every day (which is of course detrimental to my GoodReads reading challenge, but oh well) and as such I’ve come across quite some stories which I, quite simply, love, and would love the world to read!

5. Beatrix Potter, The Complete Tales

Yes, I’m basically just going back to my childhood – the Agatha Christies I used to love to read, fanfiction about Harry Potter, which is basically the series which made my childhood, and then this!

I actually wrote a reviewing the classics post on this one, which you should, also, totally go check out, but let me just start here by saying: Beatrix Potter truly does get better with age!

So, there you have it, the 5 things I have been reading this past month! What about you, are you also stuck in school / work / set reading? Enjoying a good murder mystery every once in a while? Be sure to let me know below!