2016 Reading Challenges: September Update

I’m not exactly sure how this happened. One minute it was August, and the next it was suddenly the 14th of September. Half of my classes already started, the other right around the corner…And I hadn’t read yet a single book! There go my reading challenges!


I mean, sure, I went through all my courses for my teaching degree ànd have gotten started on my classes and have even gotten started on my courses for my Journalism master!

(Also, yes, I’m doing two courses at once. Again.)

Anyways, I basically found myself without any books read in September on the 14th. So obviously, I then set myself to reading as much as I could – and here’s basically the result of that!


GoodReads Reading Challenge

  1. Kuifje en de Picaros, Hergé
  2. Vlucht 714 naar Sydney, Hergé
  3. De Juwelen van Castafiore, Hergé
  4. Kuifje en de Alph-Art, Hergé
  5. Kuifje in Tibet, Hergé
  6. Coke in Stock, Hergé
  7. De Affaire Zonnebloem
  8. Kuifje op de Maan, Hergé
  9. Bestemming: Maan, Hergé
  10. De Zonnetempel, Hergé
  11. De Zeven Kristallen Bollen, Hergé
  12. De schat van Scharlaken Rackham, Hergé
  13. Het Geheim van de Eenhoorn, Hergé
  14. Het Zwarte Goud, Hergé
  15. Kuifje in Congo, Hergé
  16. Kuifje in Amerika, Hergé
  17. De Sigaren van de Farao, Hergé
  18. De Blauwe Lotus, Hergé
  19. Het Gebroken Oor, Hergé
  20. Het Zwarte Eiland, Hergé
  21. De Scepter van Ottokar, Hergé
  22. De Krab met de Gouden Scharen, Hergé
  23. Lying Out Loud, Kody Keplinger
  24. The Duff (Designated Ugly Fat Friend), Kody Keplinger

So, yeah. That’s a thing that happened. So obviously, I re-read the entire Tintin series. Turns out that’s actually quite a useful trick to up your Goodreads Reading Challenge – who knew :p

Read Around the World Challenge

So I finally got some more books read for the Read Around the World Challenge . Apparently, it’d been since May that I’d actually read anything that counted for this one. Oops? At least I got my last continent done!

PopSugar Reading Challenge

  • A graphic novel: Kuifje en de Alph-Art, Hergé

STXRY Reading Challenge

  • A book that’s on fire: De Zonnetempel, Hergé
  • A book that makes you want to be a villain:  De Zeven Kristallen Bollen, Hergé
  • A graphic novel: Kuifje en de Alph-Art, Hergé
  • A book no one wants you to read: Keep me Posted, Lisa Beazley

So, there you have it – that’s what I’ve been reading this past month! How about you? Any great reads this back to school? Be sure to let me know below!

And as always: if you want to know how I’ve been doing the rest of the year? Just check out my Reading Challenges Overview!