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Weekly Lists #189: Nostalgic Ships

I’ve been looking for some inspiration over at Top 5 Wednesdays on Goodreads. And, well, when I saw this one? Well, I just knew I had to feature it for this week’s weekly list! I mean, don’t we just all have those nostalgic ships? The ones that make us go “oh right – I did like those two together!”

1. Anya and Dimitri (Anastasia)

This one is probably the OG – or at least, it’s the first ship I can remember giving me butterflies. They are such a great example of hate-to-love, and I love how they gradually come to respect and appreciate each other. And, while I love just about every single song in this movie? It’s the one that plays over the closing credits. I mean, if I ever get married? This song will be played.

2. Ten and Rose (Doctor Who)

I only watched Doctor Who relatively late – but that did mean I got to binge through the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor. And seeing the relationship between the Doctor and Rose develop like that? There was such a lovely evolution throughout the series. This was probably one of the goodbyes that broke me most – together with Donna. Because what Donna had to go through? Let’s not even mention it.

3. Maria and Robin (The Little White Horse/The Secret of Moonacre)

This ship was definitely made more explicit in the movie than in the book, but from the moment I saw these two together? I loved their interactions, their banter, the way they just brought out the best in each other… And really, this entire movie is just such a complete piece of nostalgia for me, so these two just had to be in this list!

4. Troy and Gabriella (High School Musical)

Look, this movie came out just at the perfect moment, okay? I had just gone to high school, and 13-year-old me couldn’t wait to find her own Troy. Did this movie give me highly unrealistic expectations of what life as a teenager would be like? Absolutely. But I shipped these two to the moon and back. (Get it? Because of their final audition in the first movie? Okay, I’ll just leave it be)

(Also, how about that video quality, right? Oh, the earlier days of YouTube…)

5. Dramione, Luna & Neville, Harmony, Drarry, …

This was definitely more of a retroactive thing, but still. While reading the Harry Potter-series for the first time? I was entirely too into the main plot to even think about romance. In my first year of university, though, my sister introduced me to the wonderful world of fanfiction. And ever since then? Well, it’s just been so much fun re-imagining all these characters in all of the romantic combinations… Hardly ever the canon ones, though. Somehow Harry and Ginny still don’t make that much sense to me….

Anyways, there you have it, that’s some of my favourite nostalgic ships! What are some of your favourite ships? Do you think I’m absolutely insane for liking any of these? Be sure to let me know below!


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