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Reading Challenges 2016

So I found myself a bunch of reading challenges for 2016 – anybody surprised? Anybody at all?
2016 Reading Challenges Start Up

Now, this is quite the diverse collection of reading challenge, because, let’s face it – reading a lot was one of my main new year’s resolutions, and to do that will probably require some sort of inspiration… Which, hopefully, is exactly what these challenges will do!

So let’s take a look at the challenge I’ve gotten myself into, shall we?

First of all: the good ol’ GoodReads Reading Challenge – this is the third year in a row I’ll be doing this, and I have to admit: I really like the feeling of accomplishment managing these challenges gave me the last years. In 2014, I set myself the goal to read 150 books – something I managed quite easily: I kinda surpassed it and read 165 books – taking into account that GoodReads doesn’t actually count books you’ve re-read (which I do quite a lot) I was quite happy with that!

For 2015, I knew that my course load was about to become quite a bit heavier (which it did, obviously) so I set myself the slightly more modest goal of a “mere” 100 books – of course, I surpassed that in early autumn, changed my challenge to 150 books, and got there as well – although, this time, I only had 2 books extra… I told you I had a lot of course work!


2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Saar has
read 0 books toward her goal of 100 books.


As I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be doing this time next year, or even just come summer, I figured I’d start out “modest” again, and have set my reading goal for 2016 at 100 books – let’s see how that works out… 🙂

Second: the Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge this one is quite a bit smaller, but I really like the types of books you’re asked to read… And hopefully, as it is quite a bit smaller, that will also mean I can make sure to finish it!

Next up: just like last year, I’m going to take on the Popsugar Reading Challenge – I didn’t quite manage to finish it last year, but I do hope to get there (or at least really, really near this year). Again, this is a challenge which asks for very diverse reading, and as such, it’s right up my allie!

There’s a couple more to go, but one I’m really looking forward to is the one by stxry books on Tumblr – this was one of the first accounts I ever followed on Tumblr, I don’t think I’ve seen anything but good books there, so I’m really looking forward to trying my best at this challenge!


Last but one, I promise! I’d already heard quite a bit about the Read Around the World Challenge, so I figured I might as well try and get in on the fun this year – the concept is quite simple: while you read, you keep track on a map what places you’ve visited through those stories – there’s a whole bunch of mini challenges as well, and it basically just seems like a great idea – so of course I had to join 🙂

Not a lot going on quite yet, but I’m hoping to change that pretty soon!

Finally, there’s the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge – I first heard of this when I was taking a couple of those challenges that go like “How many banned books have you read?”, “How many classics have you read”, etc. One of the options played into Rory’s great love of books – she was seen reading 339 books over the course of the seasons and it allowed you to figure out how many of those you’ve read as well. Now I loved the show, and I love books, so I was quite curious how well I did – suffice it to say, my aim with this one isn’t really to get it finished this year per say – just add about 30 books to the ones I did already read… And hopefully manage to finish them all at some point in the future!

And that’s it, basically – only, what, 5, 6 of them? I’m really not sure whether it’ll be at all possible to finish them all – not counting the Rory Gilmore-one here, of course – but I’ll try my best and see where I end up!

I do plan on giving monthly (or, depending on how much time I have / reading I got done, bimonthly) updates, and in case you’re interested in how I did last year: I link up all my reading challenges here!

Anyways, what are you planning on reading this year? Are you participating in any challenges? Are you on GoodReads (if you are, feel free to add me as a friend, I always love to see what other people are reading!) Be sure to let me know below!