About Me,  New Year

Happy 2016!!

Aargh! A whole new year has begun!

A chance for new beginnings, renewed effort, and fresh starts!

And, of course – a whole new year to make resolutions for, that you’ll ignore in two weeks’ time, and will just completely have given up on and forgotten about by the time February rolls round.

Every year, for Christmas, I try to give one of my sisters some goals for the new year – not resolutions, but do-able, tangible things that I would like for her to try and achieve in the next year.
She does the same thing for me – after all, sometimes it’s easier for another person to see what you might be needing, because they’re able to take just that bit more of a distance from it than you can!

This year, I decided it was about time that I try and do this for myself as well – no vague resolutions, no going back on my goals and of course: the social pressure of posting them here, so I would have at least some accountability!

So here they are, 5 of my New Year’s Goals!

1. Get my masters’ degree – both of them

So I may or may not (may, definitely may) have brought this up already, but I should (if everything co-operates, maybe, hopefully, etc., trying not to jinx it here!) graduate this June – I’ll probably still study on for a bit, if nothing else then just to get my teacher’s degree, but still – it would be quite nice to be able to finish all of that this year!

2. Invest in this blog

Not money (necessarily, I’m a student, I don’t have any money, cf. n° (3) ), but time. I started this blog at the end of August, and I would quite like to see it grow this year – and that means I have to invest my time in it first! That means you can expect a weekly list every week (shocker, I know), but hopefully at least one extra post per week, more series, hopefully start writing some reviews (something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and may just gather the courage for this year!), more promoting (something I still find pretty scary and kinda awkward right now), and so on, and so forth…

3. Save money

I know I literally just said I don’t have any money, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want it that way – so for this year, I would quite like to teach myself how to spend less – or at least how to spend more smartly . Choose what stores I shop at, choose what brands (if any!) I buy (save money to buy more books!!!), what food I get – which leads me perfectly into the next point…

4. Live more healthily

Yes, I know, cliché much? But here’s the thing – as I mentioned in yesterday’s “Rounding up the Old Year”-post, last year had quite a bit of discoveries health-wise, and I would really love to continue the more “healthy” way of living I’ve been attempting. Eat healthy, sport daily, and stress less – oddly, I have a feeling that the last one is going to be the single most difficult part of those 🙂

5. Read a lot

And read what I want to read!
For the last 4-and-something years, I’ve had tons and tons of set reading (I study Linguistics and Literature, it tends to come with the territory 🙂 ), and that often left me with way too little time to read what I’d actually like to read. As a result, I have a TBR-list on Goodreads of almost 300 books and a pile in my bedroom of at least 50 books – I have to get started on that!
Basically, if I manage to get the first goal done, this should be a lot easier, which might help a lot with goal n° 4 and n°2 – although I’m a bit scared of what it might do for the whole “saving money” goal – kill it on sight, probably 🙂

Anyways, there you have it, my 5 goals for 2016! What are your goals? Are they in any way similar to mine? Be sure to let me know below! And Happy New Year!!