Weekly Lists #209: Reading Challenges to Check Out

So last Friday, I tell you that I’m not putting any pressure on myself as my reading goes… And then, not even a week later, here I am, gushing about reading challenges I want to take part in. Don’t worry about it – I’m a collection of oppositions!

1. Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge

I’ve attempted this challenge for the last couple of years, and I’ve found it’s always a good one to try and look for some books outside of what I would usually read. And honestly? I see no reason to do any differently this year!

2. #Classicsathon

Well, the goal of this reading challenge, as announced in this video, was to read as many classics within the first fortnight of 2020. However, that fortnight finished yesterday, and I’ve read exactly 0 classics this year. Which is why it’s probably a good thing that I’m spreading it out over the entire year. 12 classics – that’s the goal. Let’s see how far I can get with that, right?

3. 2020 European Reading Challenge

Once upon a time, I participated in the “Read Around the World” challenge – ever since I graduated though, I’ve read significantly less books that have an international element.

To go straight back around the world, seemed like a bit much – especially in a year when I’m supposed to be focusing on “no pressure”… So instead, I’ll just try to make my literary way around Europe!

4. Romanceopoly

Well, let’s be honest – contemporary romance? Already makes up a large majority of what I read. So why not try and get a reading challenge-win out of it? 🙂

5. Diversity Reading Challenges

Not so much one challenge, focused on diversity, but rather a list of several reading challenges that are all, in some way or another, focused on this goal!

There’s definitely a couple of other reading challenges that I thought were really interesting. For example, the “go big or go home” reading challenge in particular stuck with me… But, you know – that whole “no pressure” thing again. And really – it’s intimidating, okay!

What are some of the reading challenges that’ll keep you busy in 2020? Any you think might interest me as well? Be sure to let me know below!


Walking Through The Pages - Weekly Lists: 2020 Reading Challenges to Check Out!