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Book Decoration Inspiration

I think by now just about everybody here knows that I love books – with love possibly being a bit of an understatement. So of course I would want to decorate my home with books – and yes, the step from “book love” to “book decoration” really was that easy for me to take. 🙂

So here are a couple of my favourite ways to decorate your home using book-inspiration!


First things first: the simplest way to have books serve as decoration is just to have them in a room. Be it on shelves, be it on a table, be it tucked away in a corner somewhere – a book in and of its own is basically decoration as is. Especially because there are some absolutely gorgeous editions out there that lend themselves to that even more than ordinary books!

Not to forget: books that are framed, pictures of books, pictures of books that have been printed as rugs, as clocks, as…

Books as stands

I’m not just talking about using books to keep your bed up when you somehow broke the frame. (and yes, I’ve actually had to do that #ordinarythings) Books can actually be used in a variety of ways – just look at this amazing pic:

Photo credit:

I suddenly want to go out and buy a lampshade, just to re-enact it 😮 And of course, there’s way more that you could do with books as stands:

Source: Web Ecoist
Source: Web Ecoist


Books and DIYs

Then, of course, there’s those of us that want to be slightly more creative. Whether you carve the book as a whole:

Source: StyleCaster
Source: StyleCaster

or transform it inside and outside:

Source: Malena Valcarel
Source: Malena Valcacrel

The options are endless!

And of course, for those of us who don’t quite have the dexterity to create something like that? (And trust me, I count myself as one of you) There’s always the amazingness that is Etsy. This last one, for example, is the work of Malena Valcacrel – she basically has a gift and I want all of the pretty things!


Book inspired

And then, of course, there’s the decorations that aren’t quite books as such, but are definitely gorgeous (and I want them all!)

There’s the basic ones, such as there are: printables.

Source: Happy Go Stuckey

For those of us who are willing to go just that bit farther, there’s options like this:

Source: BushCreativeSource: BushCreative

Or, staying with the Harry Potter-theme, even this:

Source: Meredith McCardle

 Now, could I probably go on for at least 3 more pages? Of course! The archives of Etsy and Pinterest are endless!

However, my appartement only has so many walls – and the bf does actually have some limits to his patience – so I guess I’ll just have to keep it to this.

For now.

Of course, there’s no guarantee for what might happen in the next couple of years. 🙂

What are some of your favourite bookish ways to decorate your home? Be sure to let me know below!