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Weekly Lists #53: Top 5 Animated Movies

So because I really liked writing last week’s post (and because I love Disney more than any 23-year-old probably should) I figured I’d write another weekly list on some of my favourite watchables. Rather than series, however, this week I’m talking about some of my favourite animated movies, Disney and other!

I feel like just about everybody has grown up on these movies, and as such everybody definitely has a couple of favourites. So what could be better than making a list of 5 of mine?

Now I feel like I have to be honest here, and admit that I was originally going to make this just Disney. But then I realised that my all-time-favourite isn’t even Disney, so I quickly revised that to just any animated movie.

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?


1. Anastasia



So, obviously, this is the one that made the whole subject of this post change 🙂

More than anything else, when it comes to animated movies, the music is always a huge selling point for me. And I think anybody would have to admit: the music in this one is beyond amazing.

This song is probably my favourite from the entire movies, but I also love Journey to the Past (maybe even a little too much) and just about every other song in this one.

(I mean, come on, Rasputin’s In the Dark of the Night? Classic!)


2. Tangled


This is probably the most recent one on this entire list and, again, the music has a huge lot to do with that – specifically this song!

First of all, it’s sung by Mandy Moore, whom I’ve loved ever since I saw her in A Walk to Remember. Second, the song is just great.

And then, of course, there’s the fact that the princess actually saves herself in this one – and is thoroughly amazing while doing so!


3. Mulan


And we’re back at it again with the ‘princess’ saving herself – are you seeing a theme here, yet?

Again, I’ll make a man out of you is probably my favourite song in this one, but it’s far from the only one I love.

Plus: the way gender stereotypes are basically just thrown out of the window in this one? Love it! And of course, there’s the fact that Mulan’s grandma is basically the best thing ever 🙂



4. Prince of Egypt


Okay, so I basically had two reasons for not limiting myself to ‘Disney only’ – and this was the other one!

I’ve had to sing just about the entire soundtrack of this one, and this song in particular I loved. There’s just something about the amount of drama and tension that’s present in the music that makes it amazing to just throw yourself into.

And then, of course, there’s the fact that this is just an amazing adaptation of such an amazing part of the history of Christianity and Judaism!


5. The Lion King



I actually found it really hard to choose a fifth movie for this list.

Not just because I love almost all Disney’s animated movies, but also because I don’t really have that “connection” to a Disney princess or whatever, that so many people seem to have. Ultimately, though, I had to choose this one. I used to love the television series that was based on it, and I really really just love this song as well 🙂

So, there you have it, 5 of my all-time favourite animated movies! I don’t doubt that there’ll be a list of some of my favourite animated tv-series coming up soon enough (or even my favourite general Disney movies :p ) so be sure to keep out an eye for that – and do let me know what’s your favourite animated movie below!



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