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Weekly Lists #201: Books for a Rainy Day

Fun fact: I’ve had this title ready – as a draft – for actual months. But this is th first time in a while that we’ve both had a lot of rain ├ánd I’ve been wanting to compensate for it in my reading. How? Why, with these books for a rainy day, of course!

1. The Night Circus

Let’s be real – the entire atmosphere of The Night Circus basically screams autumn. From the caramel covered apples to the black clothes with one red scarf. If fall could be made physical, I imagine this is what it would look like.

2. Stravaganza-series

Do I talk about this series enough, on this blog? Absolutely not. But when it comes to rainy-day-reading, this series by Mary Hoffmann should not be left aside. Its mix of history, magic and everything inbetween, makes for the kind of read that has you at the edge of your seat… Or, in my case: made me throw away the book once or twice. Just because I couldn’t bear the idea that things might not end well.

3. The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Something about rainy days makes me want to cuddle up and reconsider my life. On those days where “my life” doesn’t make for much of a fun subject, “life in general” is the next best thing. And that’s where Mitch Albom’s The Five People You Meet in Heaven comes in. It’s reflective, it’s philosophical, it’s narrative… And more than anything else: it’s perfect to read in one go, or to go through chapter by chapter and contemplate.

4. The Time Traveler’s Wife

If you really want to get overly emotionally invested in a book, Audrey Niffenegger’s book might just be the rainy day thing for you. It is just abstract enough, that it will make you think. More importantly, though, it’s the kind of book that I found to transport me to time and space (literally, if you know what I mean).

5. Never Let Me Go

There was a time when just about every other post, I would mention this book. While that’s gone down at least a bit, you shouldn’t let that confuse you into thinking I don’t still love it. It’s just that I haven’t really always had the emotional range needed to get invested in it. On a rainy day, though? Why, on those occasions it’s basically the closest thing to perfection I can imagine!

What books are your go to for a rainy day? Be sure to let me know below!


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