Books for the summer

I know everybody and their dog is doing one of these right now. But I love reading, and summer is usually one of the prime times for me to get a lot of reading done. Naturally, I have a Summer TBR, but that’s for next week. This week, let’s just get started with something maybe even more fun. Some of my favourite books for the summer!

Now, generally my literature for the summer can be divided into three categories. There’s the easy reads, for when I want to just have something quick, usually fluffy, to go through fast. Then, there’s the classics – books that are great to go back to time and time again, or ones that can I discover for the first time. And finally, there’s the thought-inducing ones. Now, let’s be honest: for that last category, I usually give myself all the time I could possibly need. But hey, summer’s my time off, so I really don’t see any need to go all hard-core must read all the big books then!

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1. Easy reads

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As you see, this categorie can vary. One constant, though, for me? A bit of fluff and / or romance 🙂

1. It Started With Paris*, Cathy Kelly: Now I know I’ve gushed about my love for chicklit before, and as such you’re probably all too familiar with my love for Cathy Kelly by now. Just about every summer, I read or reread at least one of her books. Two summers back, this one featured on my summer list, and I fell absolutely in love with it. The characters, the storytelling, the nicely set pace… The fact that you know everything ends well… What’s not to love?

2. You And Me, Always*, Jill Mansell: Another author that has featured on this blog quite often. There’s so many books of hers to read, and all of them guarantee at least a couple of hours of pure escapism. Just what I need after an entire year of “serious matter”!

3. The Selection Series*, Kiera Cass: I think I read this entire series in about two days last year. In other words: if you’re looking for books that’ll occupy you for quite a while, this series isn’t the one for you. However, if you want a mixture of some femi-feminism, fairytales, lottery with bad luck and romance? Look no further, read The Selection!

Should you require more (similar) books, feel free to check out my GoodReads page, I have an entire list dedicated to my favourite chicklit– and fluffy reads!

2. Classics

1. Love and Freindship: And Other Youthful Writings*, Jane Austen: again, my love for Jane Austen’s work is no new information to you, probably. However, I didn’t actually get this book until last summer when I found it in Paris. The texts in here are quite different from the writing Austen’s most famous for, however: you can already see the shaping of that wit that is present throughout her works. Perfect if you want to read a big book in short bits!

2. Three Men in a Boat*, Jerome K. Jerome: Three years ago, also in Paris, a friend of mine advised to buy and read this book. I said then that it feels almost like a male version of Jane Austen’s writing, and to this day I stand by that. I have to admit it didn’t quite catch me to the point that I went looking for other work by this author. However, it did make for a really enjoyable read and actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times 🙂

3. The Murder at the Vicarage*, Agatha Christie: I mean, this could really have been any Agatha Christie, but I just love Miss Marple the most. And even any Sherlock Holmes, or another detective series might have been quite suited as well. The basic concept? A nice detective should probably always be part of your summer reading. Well, if you’re me at least!

3. Thought-inducing

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1. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves*, Karen Joy Fowler: When I first reviewed this, I think I described something like “the most difficult yet satisfying book to get through”. Quite frankly, I still think that’s true. However, as time has gone on, I’ve actually come to appreciate this one more. I didn’t quite know that was even possible. And no, I’m still not quite over it either.

2. The Book Thief*, Markus Zusak: I mean, two summers back it had me literally crying on a train back home. As in: actual tears were running over my face, an entire bag of popcorn was eaten and people were looking at me rather oddly. So, you know, maybe don’t read this book in a public setting? Apart from that: read it, be impressed, enjoy.

3. The Help*, Kathryn Stockett: This is like, what, the third book I got in Paris? And We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves I actually finished while in the City of Lights as well. I think I’m seeing a theme, no? Either way, I’d say this book is probably well-know enough by now that the reasons for reading this speak for theirselves. Suffice it to say: the book does beat the film here.

And there you have it, that’s some of my favourite summer reading from the last couple of years! If you have any recommendations, be sure to let me know below! I’m currently putting together my TBR for the summer (seeing as my summer break doesn’t actually start until the second half of July this year), so I could really use them!