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Tags #13: 90s Tag

So I was born in the early 90s. According to some definitions, that makes me the posterchild of being a nineties kids. According to other definitions, that means I was too young to consciously live any part of the nineties. However, around here, the nineties certainly lasted up to and including the early nillies. And when you put it like that…. How could I not do the 90s tag?

1. Favourite TV Show

At the time: Zorro, or Skippy. In the nillies: Lizie McGuire.

Looking back now? Definitely Friends 🙂

2. Favorite 90’s song?

I have an entire post dedicated to this! The one that I recall liking the most, was probably B*Witched’s C’est la Vie. There’s just something about that song!

3. Favorite Commercial/Advertisement

None? I mean, I don’t really recall any of them, at least. Maybe people just didn’t get quite as fanatic about them around here s they seem to do in America?

4. NSYNC or Backstreet Boys

This is another thing where people seemed to get really into the choices. Mainly because I don’t even recall NSYNC: Backstreet Boys…

5. Favorite Music Artist

K3. I mean, not that anybody not from The Netherlands or Belgium is going to get that, but trust me: they were a thing. On that same note: MKids, Samson en Gert…

For the “normal” music? Probably Anastasia, I really liked her for a while there…

6. Did you collect anything back then and what did you collect?

Stuffed animals?

Definitely books though, that collection started early!

7. How many Tamagotchi’s did you go through?

Yet another thing where Europe wasn’t anywhere near as obsessive as other parts of the world

In other words: none.

8. Favorite Video Game & Console?

None. But that’s not because something silly like that we wouldn’t have them here. It’s just that my interest in gaming stops somewhere along the lines of Tetris and Pet Rescue Saga… Sorry?

9. Favorite Cereal/Cereal Free Toy?

Cocopops and Choco’s. Basically: the good old Kellogg’s ones!

10. Who was your 90’s Crush Growing Up?

Gordo from Lizzie McGuire. Tom, the older brother of the main character from Skippy. (For some reason, I remember the older brother’s name as well as the helicopter guy – Jerry, right? – but not the actual main characters one… Oh well)

11. What was your favorite disney channel movie?

See the next question, but I guess either High School Musical – that was the first movie where I watched and actually had an inkling as to what Disney Channel was, exactly.

12. Favorite Show? (Disney, Nick or Cartoon Network)

We didn’t get Nickelodeon or Disney until I was a teenager! We had some of their shows on the local kids’ station, but you know…

Either way, I would’ve still gone for Cartoon Network – I mean, come on! Kids Next Door! Powerpuff Girls! Samurai Jack!

13, Weirdest Fashion Trend

Just the amount of everything?

14. What were your favorite Toys you would play with?

Dolls, Barbies, Duplo, Lego, everything in our garden – I wasn’t picky 🙂

15.  Disney, Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network

Didn’t we just have this question?

16. What early morning/Weekend TV Shows would you watch?

None, because we weren’t allowed to watch TV in the morning – quite rightly so, I think.

17.Favorite McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy

You know that thing about things we didn’t have / didn’t do? Yeah, McDonalds is one of them. I think I was, like, 14 when I had McDo for the first time :p

18.Favorite Book

Anything Enid Blyton or Astrid Lindgren. Some things never quite change 🙂

19. What would you watch when you got home from school?

Watch? I read! And did my homework! And then read some more! (If we did watch something, though, it was probably the local children’s network 🙂 )

20. What was your favorite thing from the 90’s thats no longer available today?

The first times for everything? I did actually quite enjoy not having to work so much as well. And the simplicity of the shows – still get quite nostalgic about it 🙂

And there you have it! That’s the 90s Tag! It’s left me somewhat doubting my 90s-kid status, but I guess maybe it’s more of a matter of location rather than age? Either way, be sure to let me know below if you’ve done this one before!